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Thank you OD's Halo Division...for everything

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For those outside of the Halo division who do not know me, I had been a member of it since March 2020, which was only about two months into its life. In January 2021 around when I became a Senior Officer, Zakspeeeed designated me to a Halo co-lead position with a primary focus on events. Outside of my IA from mid-May to late-June this year, I had been consistently active and supporting the Halo division, most notably but certainly not only with my hosting of a weekly Big Team Battle event/session almost every week since Thanksgiving week 2020.


I had taken the IA to not only ensure I could get settled in with my first job in my field but also I had become very burnt out with OD for multiple reasons. In the middle of this past week, the burnt out feeling had returned to nearly full strength after having gradually built up again since admittingly shortly before I returned from IA. However, this time, I am not just burned out with OD. I am also burned out with being in a gaming clan in general. 


I know there’s still over 3 months until Halo Infinite launches, and I was planning to hold out until after hosting one last Big Team Battle session this upcoming Sunday to put in my resignation. However, due to what happened at today’s Big Team Battle session, I am just going to go ahead and resign now. I don’t hold a grudge against the person who BM’d me and I’m not mad at anyone, but I feel the time is right. 


I’m very sorry I couldn’t endure until Infinite’s release and that I didn’t really give any forewarning on my departure, but like myself and others said to Lightning at the beginning of the month when he resigned, I need to put the well-being of myself and my loved ones first. Gaming is something most people arguably do to have fun and unwind. Being in a gaming clan, even as the lowest rank member, has become no longer fun to me, and I don’t see that changing for a long time. Once I post this in #division-announcements, I will remove my roles on the Discord (decided on setting myself to Former OD Member instead of outright leaving the server, hopefully I do it right so no one has to fix it) and hand over control of Halo’s leadership chat by departing from that.


That all said, I want to thank everyone who was or currently is in the Halo division, especially Geordie, JD, phoenix0fEmbers, PureSkooma, Raged, TimmyV, and Zakspeeeed, in addition to LightningWolves. Probably not all of them will see this, but I genuinely wouldn’t have gotten nowhere near as far as I have in the ranks were it not for their support and encouragement, and I learned a lot from the mentoring given to me by some of these individuals. More important to me than those two things, however, is for all the memories we made on The Master Chief Collection, Halo Wars, Killing Floor 2, and Golf With Your Friends to name a few. I will continue to treasure all the great times we had long after I close this chapter of my life. Perhaps we will cross paths again on the battlefield on MCC, Infinite, or something else one day. 


I hope I did enough on my part over the past 17 months to help ensure the Halo division goes into Infinite’s launch strong. I wish y’all the best and, as is the Halo-related motto on my Steam profile,...


Deliver Hope



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I truthfully wish that you would take an IA until the reset of your game and then make your decision. Since the release is so soon and it is something that you enjoy take that break. Don't ever let one person like the one who was bm  run you away from something that you enjoy. There are always going to be toxic people around. There are ways to make sure that they aren't allowed to interact with other OD members or our Discord. You have always given a lot of yourself to this clan and I would hate to see you just give it up. Take the break then decide.  I can tell you I have been on that brink many times having been abused by many members who are no longer here. But I decided I am not going to let people that don't know the full story or that just live to be toxic drive me to make any decision that I don't want to make.

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1 hour ago, Jenkinns523(OD) said:

I don’t hold a grudge against the person who BM’d me and I’m not mad at anyone, but I feel the time is right. 


If you could share who this might be in private, I would be happy to look into it personally (pm me if that's best). BM's not tolerated anywhere, period. Regardless if this was the tipping point of your resignation or not. I would like to convince you to remain with us, but at the same time, we must always take care of ourselves first and foremost.


Please reach out to me if there's anything I can do. 


But if ultimately, if this is what's best for you, then I support your decision. I ultimately wish you the best in life and your future endeavors regardless of what happens here. Be sure to stop in from time to time!

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Officially, I have to agree with everyone else and give you the two days to reconsider your resignation. In that time period, you will retain your rank on the Forums and Discord. I'm sure it will give you enough time to think about things.

Unofficially, this has been coming for awhile. Even if it hasn't been stated, you've been a busy man. You're out of school, got a nice well paying job, and have a decent trajectory in life. You're ready to take on the next step in your life, and I'm immensely proud of what you've accomplished. You've certainly made an impact, and people will remember you for providing hours of fun and entertainment. I'm certainly upset that this is so sudden, but I think this will be pretty easy to accept. All good things come to an end after all. This was never about the BM, but the time. Time is not something we have much of, and we must dedicate it as we see fit.


Just hit me up whenever you wanna play Battlefield or Halo or whatever. I'll support whatever decision you make. You are very wise and I'm proud of you.


Good luck

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This hurts and I'm not gonna pretend it doesn't. You are a huge part of Halo and honestly one of the people I really enjoy having around.


That said... I respect your decision and will support you, doing whatever is necessary to assist. Please met me know if there's something you need. 


I wasn't there lastnight but apologise for the events that went down. I've already spoken on the matter both privately and in Lobby Comms. 


I would like you to consider at the very least remaining a guest or Former Member here rather than dropping out completely. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to rock some Infinite with you. 


Wishing you the best my friend. 

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Jenkins. I’m not going to lie. Seeing you one of our earliest and dedicated members depart from the community and Halo saddens me. 

You were apart of the original up and comers in the division when raged and I were still building it up. 

I enjoyed seeing you blossom as a member of the division and the community. 

When you took your IA, I was hesitant to think if you were going to come back as an actual member.


Burn out is a real thing and with all that you were juggling on top of feeling like you did about your position in OD. I truthfully felt that this day was destined. Sooner than later. 

The events of last night. Regardless of your decision to resign is one that is not taken lightly. You know above anyone. I myself tolerate BM to the 0 degree. 

While I think it ultimately was handled as best it could be. I’m sorry that it happened at all. 

In the end Jenkins. I’m glad you’re deciding to do what’s best for you and your mental health. Taking time away is all and good. But sometimes you just have to step away while you can still do so without a sour feeling in your heart. 

I hope you stick around for the release of infinite and join the gang for shenanigans in the new game. Hopefully without the responsibility of being a member of the community. You’ll find joy gaming with those you’ve come to become friends with here in OD. 

Take care sir. As always,


Your friendly neighborhood JD. 

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@Jenkinns523(OD) While we are all sorry to see you leave us, being part of a gaming community should not be something you must "endure". It's something to enhance your gaming experience and make new friends while gaming. If there was an incident regarding BM, as Aerineth stated, we don't tolerate that around here, so please allow us to investigate the matter and help you out. If you are having trouble balancing your gaming with admin duties associated with leading a division / being a Sr. Officer, there's no harm in taking a step down in order to find your personal balance, and does not entail leaving the community all together - you have quite a few options available...


Whichever you ultimately decide, I can respect your decision, and we thank you for your efforts thus far. Wishing you well in your future endeavors! 

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Jenkinns, I can really relate on the whole thing about being burnt out at the moment. You've done so much for OD it really pains me to see you go again so soon after just joining again after such a short while. I hope you will be able to settle down in your work (and in life in general) and I honestly wish you the very best with that. I am very glad that you made this post and informed us of what's going on. I was personally really worried after you left suddenly mid-game as were a lot of the others who were also in the lobby. It seems that you have a lot on your plate right now, so I think the IA is the best option at the moment and will really give you a chance to think about what you want.


It was always a blast to play games with you, whether in the clan or outside of it. So, if you're ever down to play anything or just to chat, just shoot me a message, I'll be there. I really hope that you will stay in touch regardless of your status as a member or not. Some of the most fun gaming experiences I have had has been alongside you. I truly wish you all the very best in your future endeavors and we'll keep in touch! And don't worry about Infinite's release, your wellbeing is the most important thing, come back when and if you're ready, til then, take it easy, relax and enjoy! We will greatly miss you Jenkinns!

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Jenks, It was truly a pleasure and honor playing Halo with you. I remembered you were one of the first people I met in the clan. You made a great impact in the division and the clan. I am very bummed out to hear about your resignation. I respect your decision and hope the best for you in the future. You are welcome to come back and hit us up anytime!


All Best,

That Milk Guy

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Thanks for chatting the other day Jenkins. Keep in touch, always fun to talk shop with other IT people.

Lieutenant General JD(OD) disabled Lieutenant Colonel Jenkinns523(OD) for Jenkins has chosen to resign from the community and stick around as a former member. Thank you for all you’ve done for both the Halo Division and the community as a whole. You will be missed sir.   on Thu Sep 2nd, 2021 at 05:01:21 PM GMT.

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