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D2r - Blizzard Accounts


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September is fast approaching and the release date for D2r.  Since most of us created our Blizzard accounts without reference to our Clan, I have started a new channel on Discord to post your Blizzard accounts and Clan accounts.  That way we know who we all are haha


Please take a minute to either pm me with the info or post it here.  The list will be maintained both on Discord and on the forum.  



Aerineth(OD) = AerinethOD#1825

Badboi(OD) = BadboiOD#1399
Purplez(OD) = Cindy#11431

RadarRick(OD) = SilentRage#1109  AND RadarRick#1114 

JR(OD) = Joonior#1400
Psy9Zach(OD) = psy9zach#1205
PureSkooma(OD) = PureSkooma#1149 AND PureSkooma2#1743
Bambii(OD) = ODBambi#2644
Queballz(OD) = qw27#1866
Smoken(OD) = smoken#11946

TieDyeT(OD) = TieDyeT#1109
Uchiha(OD) = UchihaOD#1422

Hari(OD) =Hari#1233
SpikeSpiegel(OD) = SpikeSpiegel#1545

Parzival(OD) = ParzivalOD#1719

Lexer(OD) = Lexer#1221
Knucklez123(OD) = Knucklez123#11134

Letto(OD) = LettoOD#2815

Scudbarb(OD) = ScudWraith#1855

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I have 2 accounts:


RadarRick(OD) =


SilentRage#1109 (D2R here)

RadarRick#1114  (Might buy another copy later)

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Thanks Rick.  I spoke with Blind this morning on Discord about the battletag on our Overdosed.net profile.  It currently says D3 battletag, but Aerineth just gave Blind permission to take the D3 part off and it wouldjust be battletag, so we can also put it in our profiles.


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