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** OD FANTASY FOOTBALL 2021 ** Free League


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Alright, its that time of year! 2021 Fantasy Football is back!

Had a good turnout last year so lets do it again this year!

*started with color purple,@Purplez(OD) shoutout!*


Two things I am looking for,

A) Someone who can create a signature for our profile on our forums for the Winner of 2021 Fantasy Football (something small and simple)

B) Donators (Prizes for winner(s))




*** 2021 FANTASY FOOTBALL - Will be using Yahoo! Fantasy Football ***


I will update Date/Time for draft here as well as  Group chat on forums that will be created once we have a full league.


This is a FREE LEAGUE, so its free to join and play! So sign up!

*** If anyone flakes out or cant join last minute due to whatever reason, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP ! 😛 so  i can find a replacement 🙂 Thanks


Once you sign up i will DM you for your email address to add you to the Yahoo League.


*This league is for fun, but would love serious members so we can enjoy the whole season together without someone ignoring it half way through the season because they lose interest.


We will try to aim for a 12men league but depending on how many ppl are interested on joining we can do 8, 10, 12, 14, 16men league.


****This is a FULL PPR League : 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX(RB/WR/TE), 1DEF, 1KICKER, 6BENCH****


DRAFT DATE/TIME:  TBD. Mid to Late in AUGUST Saturday night or Sunday night.


Sign Up Sheet:

1. @JR(OD)

2. @snicker66(OD)

3. @ScudBarb(OD)

4. @RadarRick(OD)

5. @Badboi(OD)

6. Koftrader(OD) @Kof

7. @LouisLai(OD)





TBD  (Looking for donators- Please DM me in discord or on forums)



2020 OD Fantasy Football Winner: JR(OD)

2020 OD Fantasy Football Loser:

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12 hours ago, Badboi(OD) said:

Also, I’ll be in Mexico from 8/5-8/8. 

alright. that should be fine. im hoping to schedule the draft around the 2nd or 3rd saturday or sunday night of August depending on everyones schedule

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