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Halo OD Division Update - June 2021: "Current Objective: Survive"


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Brace yourselves, the summer slump has arrived.


Not just in terms of player activity, but series activity. Halo never launches during the summer, and anything in that time period is usually small content updates with little value until the on season rolls around for Competitive Halo and the media in general. This is reflected in the state of the clan today, where the population has stabilized to where I thought it would: low 30's to high 20's, a remarkable improvement over last year's slump of 15-20 players. This is a sign of overall growth for OD, and we've managed to maintain some members thanks to the efforts of you guys. Without you running events, Halo OD may not have survived to see Halo 4 launch.


However, we need a plan going forward, at least trying to grow and maintain the clan until Infinite launches. Our current objective may simply be to survive, but we must keep going lest we stagnate. If you think about it, we already have, with a decrease of events and decrease of attendance, along with not really trying much new in those customs. It doesn't help that we aren't given much to work with other than games that are years old already and the nostalgia of titles like Halo 3 having worn off on the public at large. Make no mistake, these games were revolutionary for their time, but have limited social features compared to even their original iterations. So, what do we do when 343 barely throws us a bone until Infinite comes out, with our clan only riding on the nostalgia for the series, therefore us only being able to access a dedicated player base that has already formed their own cliques?


Well, there's actually quite a bit we can do. But first, let’s take a full look at the status of Halo:


  • The MCC is now going through minor content updates. Not many new players are coming into the fold.
  • Most people are waiting for Infinite it seems, taking a break from Halo in general.
  • Information regarding Infinite is detailed and is ramping up in importance.
  • Flights are coming soon to Infinite.
  • Waypoint is getting completely revamped.


Around this time, I gave you guys free reign to host your own events, and we were able to grow massively. Now, I'm giving you a new assignment: recruitment.


Recruitment is scary, and seems hopeless when you look at it. It's a pain in the ass to remember to post every few hours to keep your recruitment post at the top. But when you net 4 guys in a day, even if they don't stick around, oh man does it feel rewarding. All the waiting and anxiety pays off for just a bit. Ultimately, recruiting is about interacting with the playerbase at large, and we need to find new ways to engage the wider Halo community. We cannot limit ourselves to just Discord and Steam posts, we need to be reaching out to other people that normally don’t go to those boards. Otherwise we may be missing a large part of our target audience, which is the casual Halo player. So, I’m putting into effect some new guidelines for us to follow.

  1. Everyone must have “overdosed.net” as their clan tags in game now. We’ll experiment with this, nameplates, and emblems to try and catch the attention of people in lobbies.

  2. Our custom events will be open mic now. I don’t know if we should do this with our BTB nights, but custom events will be a good start and we can expand it once everyone is comfortable with it.

  3. For people who recruit a significant amount of people or maintain a member for a long period of time, rewards such as small gift cards and medals will be given to them. I’ll set the mark at 3 people and a total of a month.


I encourage everyone to start getting out there and interacting with new people in the community. It will be for the benefit of everyone who plays Halo as we push a positive environment for players to express themselves in, and we need to be a part of that.


On another note, our good friend Geordie(OD) is up for promotion to Brigadier General. Give him your support by voting on his promotion and leaving feedback. It can be positive or negative, and you can leave whatever vote weight you're able to thanks to the new changes to the Phase 2 Promotion System. If you have any questions about voting, please contact me or one of the other Officers in the clan so we can help you out.


With that, I’ll wrap up here. A remarkably short update for the time length between these things, but I’ll try to post more often in the lead up to Halo Infinite. Our goal should not just be to survive, but to thrive despite our circumstances.


I’ll see you around,



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