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Halo OD FFA Tournament - Saturday August 28th


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This is your formal invite to Halo OD's Free For All event, taking place SATURDAY AUGUST 28TH.




This is an open invitation to show up, fight, and bag some Glory in Halo. This is a FREE TO ENTER Competitive, FFA tournament, so all entrants will be expected to bring your A-Game. Or B-Game, if your A-Game is simply too glorious for the unwashed masses.


Any and all can choose to participate, provided:

  • You own a copy of Halo MCC with Halo 3, 4 and Reach multiplayer installed.
  • Alternatively, you own the above games as standalone items
    • Time will be allotted for people to change games if required
    • Consideration will be made - any matches on the same game will be consecutive, to minimise game changes
  • You are prepared to take names
  • This will require approximately 15 minutes x 6 games, plus changeover time of roughly 5 minutes a piece. As such, theoretically it will require approximately 2-2.5 hours of your time. Please plan accordingly, and allocate extra time for winner's announcements and spare time.
  • This will take place at 10pm BST - this is the usual time slot for Customs evening. Grace periods will be provided of up to 30 minutes at the start of the tournament, and 5-10 minute windows between games. This can be revoked if there are concerns over other entrant's finishing times.


Players are expected to signup to this tournament - this is NOT a show-up-and-play deal. Whilst you may be given a spot on the day, priority will be given to those who have signed up already, with wait spots allocated in order. Please indicate you will be attending either through a direct message to myself on Discord (M4RT4RD#5957), or by replying to this thread.


Should we end up with more than 15 players, multiple lobbies with roughly equal participants will be randomly created. There will still only be 1 points table and 1 prize set. I'm not made of money.




Confirmed Cannon Fodder Entrants (in order of signup):

  • phoenix0fEmbers




This will be a multi-match tournament, consisting of 6 matches. 2 matches will be played on each game. There will be multiple Map / Gametype combinations available for every round, with old classics mixed in with more light-hearted games - the selections will be randomly generated at the time, in the lobby, from a pre-decided list. You will not be required to download any games or maps, everything will feel familiar and should you be playing modes for the first time, new gametypes will be quick and easy to grasp. 


There will also be a Veto rule in place. Should 50% or more of players wish to not play the first Map / Gametype combination, a new combination will be generated - but beware, the Veto opportunity is only given once per round.




Scores will be awarded according to match position, against how many participants are in the game. For example:

  • In a game of 8 players:
    • 8 points (for 8 players) to 1st place, 7 points to 2nd, 6 points to 3rd...
  • In a game of 12 players:
    • 1st will receive 12 points, 2nd will receive 11 points...
  • Last place will therefore always receive 10 points. No, this is not a participation trophy - it is a thankyou for catching all the bullets.
  • If you have to miss a match, or drop out of either the match or tournament, you will be auto-set to 10 points per match missed, and everyone else's scores will scale as if you were still there.
    • Please note you must play AT LEAST 4 games, one of which MUST be the final game in order to still be eligible for the Wooden Grunt Spoon prize for last place. This is to prevent someone "joining" then forfeiting the next 5 games to guarantee themselves a prize. 
    • Anyone suspected of attempting to throw any games for a loss (or for a victory for another player) will be warned. Repeat offences will result in that player being removed from the tournament. 


In addition, players will receive "Bounties" each game, that will award further points. These will take the form of Good and Bad Luck Bounties, and will be made available to players during those matches only - these will be revealed in the pre-game lobby!




"Yeah, and what do we win if we beat Crimson, Commander?"

"The respect of your peers, DeMarco. That should be an exciting new experience for you."


Just kidding. Some of you will never earn that.


Well, I suppose I DID say they would be revealed this week, so...

  • 1st
    • Halo Infinite Pre-Order.
      • If the victor cannot accept this either because of playing on console, or because they already own this, Gift Cards of similar value will be arranged.
    • OD Award - Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal
      • Should the recipient already own this accolade, it will be upgraded to ensure they receive the American Campaign Medal
  • 2nd
    • £20 Steam Gift Card
      • If the recipient would prefer this for Xbox or PS4, Gift Cards of similar value will attempt to be arranged.
      • Yes, it is in £. I'm British, deal with it. 
  • 3rd
    • £10 Steam Gift Card
    • If the recipient would prefer this for Xbox or PS4, Gift Cards of similar value will attempt to be arranged.




I personally will NOT be participating - instead, I will be setting up each game, allocating a random player to start the game and leaving. I will be one of you...


Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to stream. Everyone has the ability to do so through Discord, and I would love people to come along and watch.


Please refrain from heckling and/or abusing your sportspeople of choice during the tournament. Light hearted jibes are welcome, but they are human too (I promise), so please let them concentrate, and limit your heckling to 1 (one) well-thought-out, clever phrase between matches. They obviously have the right to deafen themselves if they wish.

  • NB: heckles do not carry over, are non-transferrable and non-refundable
  • Violators will be shot warned, repeat offenders will be removed
  • Host reserves the right to eject spectators who choose to use puns, dad jokes or similar crass humour


It would be appreciated if people could stick around for the awards ceremony afterwards.


Following the tournament, there will be refreshments located wherever the hell you store them in your own house.


Grudge matches will be hosted following the conclusion of the main tournament, at which point heckling is at yours and the competitor's own discretion. 


Any questions?

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