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New, "Meet your leadership page" on Discord and Website.

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Back, 2 months ago, I have proposed that we should have a "Know Your Leadership/Administration " page on the website and on the Discord server  as a text channel at the top by the rules. The idea was met with positive reception but we should discuss about what should be included and it will ultimately be up for vote during the next administration meeting I believe.


Since the new website is in development, We will obviously need to wait until development is either finished or in the later stages in order to add the page if everyone is on board for this idea.


This page will serve purposes of

  • Letting people know who is the leadership starting with the Commanders. It will go Commanders, 4-Stars, 3 Stars, 2 Star and 1 Star Generals. Then Senior and Jr. Officers.
  • It will let people know what divisions, squads and committees  they are apart of allowing new members, returning members, and old members who are not in the know of who is the wearing the pants of each division or squad.
  • It can include what channel the leadership dominantly resides and when they are on discord (optional) 
  • It can also include a fun short paragraph of each person in leadership (optional)
  • It can also tell others when they were elected into power and their expertise (optional)


Ultimately. it will tell who leads what. Also will inform who is apart of what for everyone.  It allows more information about them for tech, channel, division, and game support.



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Like it. Love it. 10/10. 

@Blind wish to weigh in on the logistical side of implementing this to give others idea at whether it’s worth the efforts?

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, CompFreak(OD) said:

Much of this can be viewed / listened to here for current (and past) leaders:




1 hour ago, JD(OD) said:

Right. But skooma is proposing a living document that’s updated as our leadership does. Which that section you posted is not. 

We already essentially have what @PureSkoomaOD is looking for here, that serves as a good base: https://forum.overdosed.net/staff/

For the site wise, the "difficult" part is the design. We already have the ranks ( minus division leaders ), we can repurpose the 'quote' or simply add another field as a 'bio'.

It isn't exactly a heavy lift is what I'm saying in terms of interacting with the database. The heavy lift part, and this is mostly cause I'm horrible at design work, is getting a working layout and doing the front end development for it.

Quite honestly though, as much I enjoy breaking up the new site work with fixing / creating things for the current site, I don't think this is something I'd want to implement on the current version of the site unless I'm told by the majority of the administration to do it.

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2 hours ago, PureSkoomaOD said:

the wearing the pants of each division or squad.

First of all let me just chastise you properly for this one comment.  I am not a rabid feminist but that one statement is so chauvinistic it made me grind my teeth, and trust me, you don't want Purplez grinding her teeth.  So please take a moment and remember who your audience is.  If you don't, the next time I am on game with you I will lead hoards of monsters toward you!!! lol


Now that that is out of my system, I think it's an excellent idea.  Here's a couple of suggestions that might help flesh it out a little more.


People, especially gamers it would appear, hate reading great walls of text.  I would propose the "living Legend" work like both our website and our forum and whatever the leaders decide to write, just include the member name, their game/division and then a "read more" thing (no clue what you call it, but it hides all the text).  


My next suggestion is to include the "welcome to" page link for each division here on the forum.  Loads of info there.  I don't think the people coming to Discord have to be members of the forums in order to look at public links.



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Wait, I don't get it, how is that chauvinistic? Unless you're saying you don't wear pants, in which case I get that, we should respect your life choice.

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I’d say this should be integrated with our division pages. Let people know who the division leader is so they can get in contact with them easily.


Also replace AIM with Discord username (with the #). Few people actually use AIM and it can still be listed on a profile if the member so wishes to have it there.


The goal should be to consolidate information so it’s easy to find. We don’t need a separate page for this, and I agree with Blind that this should be a new website addition, along with making significant changes to navigation to make it easier for new people. The current layout is a mess.

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