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Gauging Interest: 24 Hour Community Charity Stream/Event

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Hi Everyone! 


I wanted to gauge interest in a fun idea for something we could do as a community. I am thinking of us doing a 24 hour long community stream for charity to support the Home - The AbleGamers Charity cause. This charity promotes gaming for those with disabilities by building and giving them fully custom setups that allow them to game. A day of gaming for us could mean a lifetime of gaming for several people who otherwise wouldn't be able to game. 


This charity has several tools for us to help get started after we get registered including logos, guides, and videos we can play during stream. This will also be a great way to showcase the best parts of our community. I would act as the host unless someone else wants it and we could rotate teams of gamers from games across our community. I would also need some technical people to help behind the scenes with quick edits, effects, and stream overlays (goals, donations, people watching, and other things). I will also need the social media team to help promote and draw attention. 


This would be a all hands on deck sort of thing and I want to shoot for a date in October. If you want to be part of the team I will build to help plan please raise your hand in this tread and /or message me on Discord. 


With Hopefulness,


I will create a separate post and channel for planning if enough people are interested 🙂 

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This a cool idea id be down for the game time filling.. d2/Emulates snes/ps2.. w.e holler if it gets moving.. 

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