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Generic Console features


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The following are Guides for our Enlisted members, on How to use Basic Console features such as: Changing your Account Profile, changing your Password, Sending and Receiving website PMs, Enabling "two-factor authentication" [2FA], and "Third-party Integrations" for automatic DSL resets!


1. Change your Account Profile:


1. Log into the website at www.overdosed.net

2. Click your 'Console' Button (Located at the top-center):  console button.png


3. Click on the 'Change Profile' button:        change profile button.png


4. On the new page that opens up, you can easily edit your contact email address, email privacy options, select other games we have divisions for that you play, Change your 'Main Game' (a.k.a. your division), and enter information such as [Skype / PS / Xbox / D3 / ESO / LoL / SC2 / GW2 / Twitch stream] user names that you go by in-game.


5. When you are done entering your information, and before any changes will be saved, you must click the 'Modify My Profile' button at the bottom of the page, and you're done! 

save changes to profile.png



2. Change your Password:


1. Log into the website at www.overdosed.net

2. Click your 'Console' Button (Located at the top-center):  console button.png


3. Click on the 'Change Password' Button: change pw button.png


4. Enter your Current & Desired New Pass Word in the respective areas:  CHANGE PW SCREEN.png


5. Click on the 'change My Password' Button at the bottom to Save your Changes:

CHANGE PW confirm.png


3. Sending & Receiving Website Private Messages [PM's]:


       A. Accessing the Website Private Messaging System:


1. Log into the website at www.overdosed.net


2. If you have received a new Unread Message, you will notice a notification both at the top near your username, and within your 'Console':


*Please Note: These Notifications will not disappear until you have read your messages!


3. If you have received a new message or not, you can still access the Website Messaging system either by clicking on the little "mail" icon next to your user name at the top left of the screen (bringing you to your Inbox Page), or by accessing your 'console' and clicking the "Messaging System" drop-down menu: 



4. Once you click the 'Messaging System' drop-down menu, you have the ability to go directly to either your Inbox, Sent Items folder, or quickly send a message:




       B. Receiving a Message:


1. Upon Logging in on the website, you will notice a notification both next to your Username at the top left of the site, as well as within your console (under the heading "Messaging System":



2. Clicking on either of the Highlighted links above will bring you to your Inbox. From there, you can view all the messages you have received, or view the profile page of the person that has sent you a message:


To open & view the received message, click on the subject of the message (as shown above).


3. After viewing the message, You can choose to "Reply" to the sender of the message you've received, "Forward" the message to others, or "Delete" the message from your inbox using the three buttons at the bottom of the received message. You can also choose to save the read message simply by navigating to another part of the website or accessing a different page within the messaging system (i.e. Inbox, send message, Preferences, Console, or Sent Messages folder under the heading "Read Private Messages") :



4. Once you have read all received messages, you will notice the notifications both next to your name, and within the 'Console' clear away automatically:



** Your Inbox has a limit, and will save up to 450 received messages. If you haven't properly maintained your inbox, messages may be deleted in order to make room for new ones or you may not be able to receive new messages **



       C. Sending a Message:


1. Access the Website Messaging System by Logging in on the website, and  clicking on your 'Console' Button:

console button.png


Alternatively, you can also choose to click on the little "Mail" icon next to your Username, but this will bring you to your Inbox page:



2(a). If you use the 'Console' button method and click the "Messaging System" drop-down menu, you can go directly to the "Send a Message" page [step 3].


2(b). If you are already viewing your "Inbox" page, you can either:

          (i) Access your 'Console', Click on "Messaging System", and click "Send Message" as described above in step 2(a), or


          (ii) At the top of your inbox page, you can click the "Send Message" link under the heading "Private Messages":




3. Either option will lead you to the "Send Private Message" page:  253046076_WM-SENDSCREEN.thumb.png.ac38ff


From here, you can send a message to a single member, multiple members, a group of ranks / members, or all of our current members, as described in the spoiler below:


1.  Messaging a single / multiple member(s):

       1(a). Simply type their OD tagged name in the "recipients" section, and continue to step 3.

       1(b). If sending to multiple members, type each name separated by either a "space", "tab", or comma ( , ), and continue to step 3.


2. Messaging a group of ranks / members:       


2(a). Click on the "Mass Private Message" drop down menu:




       2(b).  Scroll through and select the group of members / ranks you would like to message (only one group at a time may be added):



       2(c). Once you have made your selection, Click the "Add Recipients" button to add the selected members. If you would like to message multiple groups, you must repeat this step for each group:



3. Once you have entered whomever you wish to send the message to, you can now enter the "subject" of your message, which will be displayed in the recipient's inbox.


WM-Subject line.png


4. You can now type your message:      WM-message area.png


5. When you are done typing your message, click the "Send Message" button at the bottom:          WM-send the message.png



Once Clicked, You will then be directed to a confirmation page: WM-SENT SUCCESSFUL.png


Congratulations! You have just sent your first Private Message!


** As an added feature, you can further customize all your messages by accessing the "preferences" link within the messaging system (from 'inbox' or 'sent messages' pages) **

Website Messaging preferences.png


There, you can enter the HEX code for any color you wish to change within your message (if you don't know the HEX code for the color, just google "Hex color codes"). When you are done customizing, be sure to click the "Modify My Preferences" button at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved!





       D. Viewing your "Sent Message" history:


1(a). Log in on the website, and from your 'console', open the "Messaging System" drop-down menu, and select "Sent Items"

1(b). If you are already currently viewing your 'inbox' page, you can also just select the "Sent Messages" link under the "Private Messages" heading:

Website Messaging sent messages button.png


2. Select the message you wish to view by clicking on the subject of the message:WM-INBOX.png



4. Enabling Two-Factor-Authentication [2fa]:

For Added Security, this option allows you to enable a one-time pass-code each time you log in, using the authentication app of your choosing on your cell phone.  You must enter this in addition to your username and Password upon logging in on the WEBSITE ONLY (if enabled). See instructions Below if you wish to enable this on your OD account:


1. Log into the website and open your 'Console' (Located at the top-center):  console button.png


2. Select "Enable Two-Factor Auth" located under 'Account Management':

2fa enable button.png


3. Follow the On-Screen instructions and steps to add a "new account" within the app you chose to install on your phone, then scan the Unique QR Code for your username.


4. Once the account has been created in your app, return to the website and enter the "OTP" (one-time-passcode) to verify the link, and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! You have increased your login security!


** If for any reason, you wish to disable your 2fa, you can return to your 'Console' and select "Disable Two-Factor Auth". Then follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your choice to remove and click the "submit" button. **


5. Enabling "Third-Party Integration" for "automatic" Days-Since-Login [DSL] resets: (Not Available for Trial Members)


*Please note: If you choose to link one or more of these accounts with your OD website Account, be sure to still visit our website on occasion to verify the status of your DSL, check out the promotion board, etc., as these Integrations are not 100% reliable ALL of the time.  If you have an integration enabled, but notice that you have been wrongly Disabled / Demoted due to DSL, Please contact any 1 * General or higher to notify them of the issue, and potentially get your rank restored.


1. Access the Website Messaging System by Logging in on the website, and  clicking on your 'Console' Button:

console button.png


2. Select the "Third Party Integrations" drop-down menu:

3rd menu.png


3. From here, you can

       A. See the current Integrations that are enabled for your account (only enabled links will be listed):3rd overview.png


       B. Link your Discord account to your Overdosed website Account:

3rd link discord button.png


       C. Link your Steam ID to your Overdosed website Account:

3rd link steam button.png


4. Follow the On-Screen Instructions to link the desired account you wish to have "automatically" reset your DSL. WARNING: You will need to know your password for the account(s) you wish to associate with your OD account. The Overdosed Community does not have access to view these passwords, as they are encrypted by their respective programs. These links will create a "Unique ID" for your username, that our website assigns to your account in order to reset your DSL upon either logging into your Steam account or joining / typing in an OD Discord Channel (or both, depending on your desired integrations).


*Once you have linked your account(s), only the "Integration Overview" option is viewable in your 'console'.


**To un-link your account(s), click on the "Integration Overview" within your 'console', then click the corresponding "unlink" button to the right of the link you wish to disable (only enabled links will be listed).



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