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Welcome to the Siege Academy!


This section of our division is for new players and players who want to refamiliarize themselves with the fundamentals of R6 Siege.


What we'll cover here;


- Game modes 


- Maps and defensive/offensive strategies for each site


- Playstyles and which one(s) fit you


- Operators and which playstyles fit them


- Weapons and gadgets + recoil management and crosshair placement


- Etc.


Most of the tips will come from YouTube creator "Varsity Gaming" who created the Siege Academy, if there's something you feel that I missed here, he's your best bet for any more information.


"Everything you need to know before playing Siege"



"How to reinforce site"



"How to Attack"



"How to defend aggressively"



"How to Anchor" (Anchor means defending from site)



"How to Roam" (Roaming is the opposite to anchoring site)



"How to counter a roaming defense"



"Which operator should I buy/unlock?



Complete operator guide:

(182) How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021 - YouTube


"What operator should I choose?"



These videos should be enough to get you started, but there is still much more to Siege than this! 


Some key points that the videos don't mention are:


-Recoil Control

 Each gun has a specific recoil pattern that needs to be countered. Most guns, you need to drag down and to the left to adjust for the recoil. Some guns, however, can't be managed so easily, so practice is needed in order to find out yourself how to manage the guns recoil. 










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