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Welcome to R6 Siege


Below is a list of our rules, as well as, a list of our current R6 Division Leaders with ways to get in touch with them via Discord or in game:


Rules: {Please keep in mind we follow all rules of OD, but here is a list of rules specific to our R6 Siege Division}


1. All invites to the Discord MUST be created through the rules section at the top of the OD Discord page

2. No racism, discrimination, or other slurs in the in-game chat. Banter is allowed, but please use your best judgement when razzing the enemy team.

3. Be respectful towards your fellow R6 Siege OD members, and any of the members of the OD Community

4. If you are on one of a our Elite OD Ranked Teams please  make sure to include .OD at the end of your in-game name, and to also change your Ubisoft profile picture to the OD gaming logo. (If you need the logo please DM either Redops(OD) or BeattieBlitz(OD) and we will provide you with it)

5. No hacking or glitch abusing of any kind...this includes shield glitches etc. {Glitches get stitches}.

6. Keep your DSL (Daily Server Logs)  low in order to remain an OD Member, and a part of our R6 Siege Division. This is done by typing in any text ch. in the OD Discord server, connecting to any VC (Voice Channel), or by simply logging into the OD website.

7. No Team Killing of any kind...(especially in Ranked or Non-ranked matches).

8. Remember to have FUN!!!!



Division Leaders:

Discord- Redops(OD) or R6 Siege- Redops-OD

Discord- BeattieBlitz(OD) or R6 Siege- Blitz.OD


Discord is usually the best way to get in touch with us as you can normally find us in the voice channels, but if not please do not hesitate to send us a DM!!! If you are interested in joining or building an Elite OD Ranked Squad please message one of us, and we will be more than happy to help you out.





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