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LightningWolves DnD 5e House rules and Homebrew

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       Hello all you dungeon delvers and adventures, I thought this would be a good thing to have for the future record for my games that my players can refer too. This list maybe subject to revision.


       House Rules

  1. Potions can be a max heal if you sacrifice a full action in combat or a appropriate dice roll for a bonus action. (Party choice)

  2. It takes 3 lay on hand points to stabilize a dying creature.

  3. Passive perception is basically the stealth DC, and a sneaking creature has to beat the parties highest passive perception.

  4. Short rests are 4 hours and long rests are 8 hours unless the campaign calls for different rules.


   Grapple and Shove house homebrew



 1. A grappling attempt is a bonus action for all martial classes.

2. When grappled is hit with a melee attack they take a extra 1d6 of damage. 



1. Shove is a bonus action for all martial classes.

2. If the shover wins against the opponents strength saving throw, then they can knock them prone 5 feet in the direction they choose.

3. When a shoved target is proned then all hits are at a advantage. On a hit the target takes 1d6 extra damage.

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Wouldn't Shove be better placed by using Flurry of Blows as the actual bonus action? Way of the Open Hand provides this, and on hit they can choose to knock prone or push back. Only downside is the spend of a Ki point (which you could overrule).

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