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Welcome, Outriders!


This is the home of the Outriders Squad, for build advice, expedition tactics and lore.

If you're here, then you're looking to start exploring the wilds of Enoch, and we have a few rules that we ask you to agree to before journeying with us. 


  • Respect your Team. Control your tilt, work with the team you have (not the one you wish you had) and support each other. If you fail, pick yourselves up, adjust your world tier and try again. Don't force a Tier onto a team that doesn't want it.
  • Work together. If someone chooses to play a class, help each other by adjusting your playstyle rather than digging your heels in. Play the way that works for your team, not for you. 
  • Correctly use Team channels. This game requires a lot of timing communication, so if you want a quiet, do-not-disturb environment, please use the ones set up for you. 


Should you need support, either with rules or gameplay, and you can't find the answer in this Forum, feel free to drop any of the Senior team a line.


Happy Hunting!


Geordie & SalinePandora

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