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Welcome to OD WoW! Please Read.


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Welcome to the OD WoW division. We're currently on Bleeding Hollow Horde and are 10/10 in Heroic Castle Nathria. We are a semi-casual guild with a core raid group who is focused on progressing through content.


Division Leaders

  • Blind(OD) - Division Leader
  • HDK(OD) - Classic Division Leader

In-Game Guild

<OD Gaming> - Currently 10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
Server: Bleeding Hollow - Horde

Raid Times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6pm till 8pm EST


Current Raid Needs and Recruitment Threads:



  • Founder - Leader of the guild.
    • Has to be in Clan OD
  • Officer - Active in-game member who is respected by the guild. Fulfills certain need in the guild. ( recruitment, raid leading, etc )
    • Has to be in Clan OD and active in-game as well
    • Gets guild bank access and repairs
  • OD Raider - Raider and member of Clan OD
    • Gets higher guild repairs then a normal raider
    • Very limited guild bank access
  • Raider - A raider who is not apart of Clan OD
    • Small amount for guild repairs
    • Very limited guild bank access
  • OD Member - Social member of the guild. Also Clan OD member.
    • Small amount for guild repairs
  • Member - Level 60 member of the guild. Not a Clan OD member.
    • No benefits
  • Social - Member of the guild who is not level 60
    • No benefits


How To Join

If you're interested in joining, any member of the guild can invite. We accept all players, regardless of whether they are in Clan OD or not.


You can hit 'O' in-game and go to your 'Who' tab and type g-"OD Gaming" and it will display all members who are currently online.



You can also hit 'J' and bring up the guild finder and search for OD Gaming. Request to Join and one of the officers in-game will accept the request when they see it.


Or you can just get in touch with myself or any division leader and we can arrange a time to get online and get ya in the guild.


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If you have a desire to progress in mythic Castle Nathria please reach out to an officer in the guild.  This is with the understanding that you have cleared Heroic CN and have sufficient gear to fulfill your role.  The WoW division on Bleeding Hollow is always looking for dedicated and skillful players to join our ranks.  Even if you want to just come and hang with a very chill group and run mythic+'s or PVP we would love to have you be a part of our guild.


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