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Anyone up for getting together and working with everyone else, helping with chess puzzles over on Lichess?

Team up vs Lichess Puzzles and have a blest trying to defeat those pesky Puzzles?  

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  1. 1. Team up vs Lichess Puzzles and have a blest trying to defeat those pesky Puzzles?

    • Heck yea, lets teach those pesky puzzles who is BOSS.
    • Nah, I LIKE getting my arse handed to me, over and over and over again.
    • How would we do this? Tell me (and share screen in discord voice), and I'll be willing to give this a try.
    • When would we do this? If it can be often enough, and regular enough, it just might be interesting enough to try. Count me in!!!

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Hey everybody, I've had a great time or too working with my fellow clan members to solve puzzles as a group, and would like to invite folks to join me in channel whenever they want to work on their puzzles.

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I'm wondering if anyone even knows about this portion of the clan, will post this URL on the Discord, and hope for some other members to join me, perhaps on a nightly basis?  Or more likely once a week type of thing?

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My health has been on a sort of roller coaster, going up and down, but I did wander over to the Lichess.org website and discovered my best friend and arch rival had been playing himself some chess...


I took it upon myself to make some studies from his games, and because he has not signed off on this project (I just had a chance to talk to him and tell him to check his email), I won't use the private studies I made, but instead will be focused on making actual "Play from here" setups, that I hope to be able to make into clan chess challenges, to help folks learn how to take a posted position and play to victory, hopefully even against the level 8 computer AI.  


I spent a few minutes going over my friends games, and something told me that in his latest game, he had a winning position, and then I spend way too much time making a study of that, and beating up on the computer, including the level 8 one, and hope that posting an anonymous PFH (Play From Here) might get to be a thing.


If I do this, and Badboi(OD) gives me the green light, I'll start working on providing "chess challenges" to make playing chess at all levels more fun and rewarding!!!


I want to make lotsa chess related content, and over time it will probably become quite a lot, but my focus is to make things that everyone plays/solves themselves, unlike the working together on public 'puzzles', where everyone can log into and solve together on chess days/tournaments. 

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