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The OD Guide for Recruiting.

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        Salutations, I want to congratulate you on your interest in recruiting in OD. Whether you became a recruiter by asking to be, or gained it through rank, this guide should help you in some way to get your feet wet in recruiting.


     What to Look for in a Potential Recruit

  1. Shows interest in the community.


  2. Is good mannered.


  3. Plays games with you or others in OD.


  4. Uses Discord on a regular or semi-regular basis.


  5. They fall under what the division wants for its recruits. (Talk with your division leader for more details.)


   When you find a potential recruit, talk with them for a bit and make sure they want to join. If they do want to join, add them to the OD Discord server and follow the steps below to recruit them into OD using the Recruiter Bot.



    How to Use the Recruiter Bot

1. Assign the OD Discord role of "Recruit" to the potential recruit. The "Recruiter" role is required for Enlisted and Warrant Officers to assign the "Recruit" role.


2. The bot will walk them through a step-by-step guide on making their OD account through Discord. Be sure you are there to answer any questions the new recruit may have about the process.


3. Once they have their account made, check the OD website's member page to confirm their status, and then edit their OD Discord nickname to match their OD tag on the website (the "Recruiter" role will allow you to make this edit).


4. Answer any other questions they may have and link them OD's "The Guide to Everything". 

   So now you have the recruit in OD, but your job is not over yet. When you have the time, make sure to check up on them often (even a week if you think it is necessary) to make sure they feel comfortable, and give them advice to better find their place in this amazing, long-running community.



Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. We hope you find it useful in your recruiting endeavors. 🙂



The R&R Committee



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