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Community Meeting March 20th 2021 7pm CST

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   Hello everyone, its time to set up the date for teh community meeting a bit early this time around. This community meeting will be on March 20th 2021 at 7pm CST. All @Enlisted @Warrant Officers @Officers @Senior Officers @Generals 1* - 3* @General and @Commanders are welcomed to join. 

 As a reminder topic suggestions are best posted in the communuty suggestion chat channel, and during the meeting we use a ~ to take your place in the response queue. A ~(name) is a direct response to that person and prioritized above normal ~ . I hope to see all of you there. Thanks for reading. 



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4 hours ago, lilg(OD) said:

what time would that be in Mississippi? lmk ill be there :)

Mississippi operates on CST so it’s 7pm for you same as the listed time. No math needed. 

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image.thumb.png.2d2e3fbb66f4f9f76923e263920ff0d9.pngHere’s a time zone map of the US if visuals are easier for people. 

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Team, unfortunately I cannot make the meeting tonight due to work. However, I stress that you please read or re-read the Rank Expectations carefully. We introduced them last month and implementation is about to occur in tomorrow’s admin meeting. As explained in the Officer’s board, we will have a 3-month window prior to execution of the red text (minimum requirements for Officers) at a decided base rank. Further discussion will occur in tomorrow’s admin meeting.

Always, I am a resource for all of you. PM me at any time and I respond on the weekends (weekday response is limited based on career). 

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