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Conan Exiles Castle Project

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Conan Castle project - Created a castle in the north lands of Conan Exiles to serve as an esteemed base for our Conan ventures.

Took approximately three and a half weeks to complete with help from a few others. (Special thanks to Aerineth, Remsen, JD, and Altros for help with gathering resources) Structure is a mixed design of arena style, turanian style, and stormglass style.



View from the front



Elevated view from the front



View of the Main Hall



View of one of the crafting wings



View from atop one of the towers, overlooking the parapets



A casual walk through the royal hallways



View of the Castle Courtyard



View of the Temple District



View of the Throne Room




Castle will be around until Saturday, where we plan to conclude our Conan Exiles adventures with a grand siege where we will be defending the castle from an endless number of increasingly more difficult waves of enemies to see how many waves we can survive before the castle is toppled.

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13 minutes ago, Blind said:

Looks good Terra. Should make the grand siege something streamed on discord where others can come watch. Would be fun to watch.

I'll be streaming the gameplay on discord. I'm sure @Aerineth(OD) probably will as well. 

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