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Wednesday again already?




***Halo News***


Logging in during February will earn you this sweet BHM-themed plate!





Steve Downes and Jen Taylor will be on GalaxyCon LIVE this Sunday, February 21st at 4pm ET! Make sure to tune in for video chat, opportunities for one-to-one, autographs and more! Find out more here!


r/halo - The Chief and Cortana's Evolution over the SeriesHalo Virtual Experience: February 21st at 4pm ET




Huuuuuuuge update from Waypoint side regarding where Halo MCC is going over the next few months including the flighting for season 6 and Infinite. You can read it here.

Also worthy of note is this amazing sneak peak at a map from nothing less than Halo Online, the much-loved fan project. The presence of this should set some serious wheels turning, given the massive resistance to incorporate fan projects in the past! Excited is not the word!




In addition, keep an eye out on waypoint and Insider for information on the other sweet bits coming our way...

  • Custom Game Browser: a new way to play with each other in MCC
  • Season 6 content
  • A new map for Halo 3 from Halo Online
  • FOV slider support for all Xbox One consoles
  • FOV slider will no longer be locked when Xbox Series X|S devices are set to 120hz
  • Double Keybindings
  • Mouse & Keyboard support for consoles
  • Advanced Audio options
  • View Model Customization options


The bot is not working, please log in to keep your DSL at an acceptable level. Skooma and I have both flagged it, and will continue to do so - no excuses!



Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes, as Halo Division is absolutely dominating the numbers in the promotions screens! we have no members currently up for promotion within Halo OD, but be sure to keep checking back!


Rank Changes:

Congratulations to all who got promoted this week!


  • New Members: Noble2550, STOS, AngelAce02, Sluht (Klahpt). Welcome!
  • Zakspeeeed has achieved the rank of Colonel with an outstanding 70 points - an incredible achievement!
  • Other promotions: Geordie (1st Lieutenant), BL4CHxCH4N (MWO5), Zoro461, sneakynicolas (WO1), TimmyV, DTMKillzar (Sergeant Major), Cosette, QazCable (First Sergeant)



Lots of higher-tier awards being handed out this week so keep pushing for those achievements for yourself!


Medals Awarded


  • Distinguished Flying Cross: Doobs, JodyRoller, Woobers, Larixal
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal: MoMo420, Scoop, Slivered, icey2323, Mufasa
  • Distinguished Service Cross Medal: Doobs, JodyRoller, Woobers
  • Humanitarian Service Medal: Jenkinns523, Zakspeeeed
  • Defense Meritorous Service Medal: Geordie


Please check out the discord #events and #event-planning chats for more info!


Skooma's Campaign Longevity Event - Part 2

  • Time: Thu Feb 18th, 2021 ⋅ 4pm PST (UTC-8)


Placements below!



Jenkinns' BTB Event

  • Time: Fri Feb 19th, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)


Geordie's Customs Event

  • Time: Sun Feb 21st, 2021 ⋅ 9pm - 12am DST (UTC+0)


NOTE: Due to popular request, Customs will be held on a SUNDAY moving forwards.


Geordie's Halo OD Forge Event

  • Deadline: Sun Feb 28th, 2021 ⋅ 12pm - 2pm GMT (UTC+0)
  • Full rules and a breakdown of how to enter can be found here:


Friendly reminder / support on joining people directly through MCC on PC without adding friends via Steam or Xbox App. Once you've decided on who you are joining, and have got their Gamertag...



It;'s been really great seeing so many people streaming their trials, triumphs and tribulations at Skooma's Campaign event, and here's to more of the same thing in the coming weeks as we move into H2, H3 and H4!


See you starside,



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