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Halo OD Info Roundup - 10/02/2021

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It is Wednesday, my dudes...


Forums, Twitter, Waypoint comment sections... all have been working overtime following the release of some juicy news morsels this week - what do you make of them?


***Halo News***


Grifball has dropped as the current game of choice, so rally your teammates and get scoring!

A blue Spartan with an Energy Sword faces down against a yellow Spartan wielding the Grifball.



Intriguing, isn't it? Speculation is rife around what this cryptic message is. The rumour mills are in overdrive after the teaser that "A new way to play" will be available for the MCC. Leading bets are on the Nintendo Switch being a big player - and if so, how long until we get Halo: Go? Pick up the clue trail yourself over at Halo Waypoint in their latest Blog post...



Just as exciting was the discovery of a 343 job posting, asking for someone who has "experience shipping AAA current generation games", and that they are prepared "to help develop a new project in the Halo universe". If they're shipping a new AAA title, could it be the long, rumoured follow up to the ODST world? Perhaps even the long-awaited Halo Wars 3?

Image result for halo game rumour



Postums has dropped the latest Dev update as well, detailing just how they are tweaking MCC server-side, as well as the changes to the (lets be honest, hated) quitter's penalty.

Image result for halo banhammer



The bot is not working, please log in to keep your DSL at an acceptable level. Skooma and I have both flagged it, and will continue to do so - no excuses!



Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes, as Halo Division is absolutely dominating the numbers in the promotions screens! The members currently up for promotion within Halo OD ranks are:


  • Geordie
  • BL4CKxCH4N
  • sneakynicolas
  • Zoro461
  • DTMKillzar


Rank Changes:

Congratulations to all who got promoted this week!


  • Ased has reached the first manually-promoted rank, as opposed to automatic - lets see what you can do!
  • Other promotions: Morgandril (MWO5) phoenix0fEmbers (CWO4), JayKay (CWO2), TimmyV (First Sergeant)



Bit shorter on the medals this week, but that doesn't diminish the achievements of those earning them. Well done to:


Medals Awarded


  • Distinguished Flying Cross: Nico, Maui, MoMo420, icey2323, Mufasa, Scoop, Slivered
  • Navy Achievement Medal: Smug, Salax
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal: GOO, SirDONK
  • Distinguished Service Cross Medal: MoMo420, icey2323, Mufasa, Scoop, Slivered, EclipseNexus, Larixal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal: Bambii


Please check out the discord #events and #event-planning chats for more info!


Skooma's Campaign Longevity Event - Part 1

  • Time: Thu Feb 11th, 2021 ⋅ 4pm PST (UTC-8)


Jenkinns' BTB Event

  • Time: Fri Feb 12th, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)


Geordie's Customs Event

  • Time: Sat Feb 13th, 2021 ⋅ 9pm - 12am DST (UTC+0)


NOTE: Due to popular request, Customs will be held on a SUNDAY moving forwards. However, as this event would fall on Valentine's Day, I have adjusted to Saturday for this instance so I don't get murdered. 


Skooma's Campaign Longevity Event - Part 2

  • Time: Thu Feb 18th, 2021 ⋅ 4pm PST (UTC-8)


Geordie's Halo OD Forge Event

  • Deadline: Sun Feb 28th, 2021 ⋅ 12pm - 2pm GMT (UTC+0)
  • Full rules and a breakdown of how to enter can be found here:


Friendly reminder / support on joining people directly through MCC on PC without adding friends via Steam or Xbox App. Once you've decided on who you are joining, and have got their Gamertag...



...and that's it for another week!


See you starside,



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