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We need your input for the R&R Committee.

We need you input for the R&R Committee.  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you like about OD?

    • Gaming
    • Social
    • Clan Structure
    • Forums
    • Other (Leave a comment)
  2. 2. What makes OD different than other communities to you?

    • The size
    • The activity
    • The structure
    • The people in OD
    • Other (Leave a comment)
  3. 3. Is there anything you want to see changed about OD?

    • Yes (Leave a comment)
    • No (Leave a comment)

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  • CompFreak(OD) changed the title to We need your input for the R&R Committee.

When I joined OD to play Halo, I wanted a place where I could hang out and play customs. I made that the mission goal when I became a Division Admin, and our members stay for that reason.


OD isn't about ranks or honor, it's about hanging out with friends and being a decent person all around. This is what I feel makes this community different from others. We aren't some mega clan who collects members like Pokemon, we actively try to keep them around. Sometimes we're successful and other times we aren't. But it's not a pure science. We can predict why people are going to stay, but we'll never get down to the true reason for everyone.

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I took the poll but I feel like it could have included more or even been multiple choice. Just food for thought. 


I definitely feel like a lot of the new integrations we are working towards will make it more inviting. But I definitely think we need to re-evaluate some of our oldskewl ways things that just aren't enticing for members to stay. However I don't think its the willingness behind things I believe its we just haven't found a way to keep track of what we need and change the system. *Cough cough* DSL. I for one think we could almost reverse the system to show more leadership accountability for inactive leaders. 


I think events are great and I know that we have tried more community wide events but id like to see some different options possibly. 


There is more but if you'd like to talk id be willing to speak with you on Discord I probably should have answered this later when I had more time and im in the middle of cooking so I might add more later.

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I would like to have a change.



Making a group events like :

cards against humanity once a month (bring that back)

have a switch a roo and everyone jump channels.

have a twice a month event where we hang out and have a dj and byob.



these events or hangouts I think would bring people on and make our community way closer as a clan❤️


love y'all 🤗






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I'd like to see a "Meet your Commanders and Generals" event once a month.  Where you can chat and just have fun.

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I know I'm always on about this, but I personally would like to see something like a google calendar set up for scheduled monthly events, but squad/division specific, not just clan as a whole, using the clan's forums.  Social media and discord are great, but if you are not on them all the time, you may miss things.  A well organized forum can be a big help to folks, for instance with respect to tech issues for example.  Social media, not so much.  Guess it just depends on us horse and buggy folks not "getting it" with all the newer techs.


Trying to stay on focus...

Could we get a calendar for squads that are actively doing stuff, or is this just too old school thinking for this day and age?

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