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Halo OD's Forge Competition February 2021

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Hi all, and welcome to Halo OD's first 2021 Forge competition!


The rules for entry are below. These have been specifically designed to make this competition accessible, no matter your skill level! Plus, with cash prizes for those who emerge victorious, I'm wanting to see some real competition here. So, breaking this down:


Entry Period - The competition opens TODAY, Sunday January 31st and will run until midnight, Sunday February 28th GMT.


  • Each player may enter up to 3 maps - but only ONE will be considered for prizes.
    • You may enter three competitive maps, or one from each type, there is no requirement or expectation.
      • Competitive. Do you yearn for that adrenaline rush of perfect map control? Build. Test. Swear. Repeat until dead. 

        • At Intermediate level, you are expected to be able to distinguish team-specific objects

        • At Expert level, you will be judged if you have balanced your map for multiple game modes. 

      • Customs. From Race to Infection. Create your wildest dreams. Manic laughter not included, please bring your own. 

        • You are not expected to provide a custom gametype - unless your map calls for it - but you must let us know what it is built to use.

      • Set Piece. Aimed at those of you wanting to create a visual masterpiece. It MAY play well, but the goal is to create something visually stunning. 

        • Statues, castles, prop sets... Lighting, clever merging and the finer details will get you noticed here!


  • Modded maps are not allowed. This is not because we are against mods, but because we want all entries to be usable by all members.


  • Entries will be broken up by the following Skill Categories. You must declare which you are forging under when you enter:
    • Forge Novices. You've played around, and have dropped boxes to splatter friends, but this is your first attempt to make a solid project.
    • Intermediates. You know about fine-tuning coordinates, how to land perfect mancannon jumps and how to time your weapons for respawn.
    • Experts. Your weapons? Perfectly balanced. Your scripting? Smooth as water. Your maps? Gorgeous.
    • I expect people to be fair. If I see scripting in a novice-level entry, or some sign you're too advanced for your entry group, I WILL bump you up a level!


  • Maps will be judged by myself and volunteers in the 2 weeks following, with winners announced shortly after.


  • Prizes are as follows, in each skill category. Please note these values are set by what I can send through Steam from the UK, though if you wish you may receive the same value via XBL for our console members:


First Place Prize - £10 Gift Card (Equivalent to approx. $14 at today's exchange rate)

Runner Up x 2 - £4 Gift Card (Equivalent to approx. $5.50 at today's exchange rate)


  • In addition, the following Best In Game prize will be awarded. This is across all entries, not separated into skill levels. If you receive "Best In Game" for a map, you cannot claim this again for another game. Entries for Halo 2 or Halo 2A will be judged together.


Best In Halo 2 / Halo 2A - £10 Gift Card

Best in Halo 3 - £10 Gift Card

Best in Halo 4 - £10 Gift Card

Best in Halo Reach- £10 Gift Card


  • Winning entries will be contacted by myself alone to organize how they receive their prizes, in the form of a monetary value passed directly to their steam account, or via a gift card code for XBL. Other currencies will receive the equivalent amount at the day's exchange rate.



Judging will be done by myself and with the input of volunteers. Maps will be judged on, but not limited to:


  • In-Game: Does the map work for the gametype submitted? Is it fair to both teams? Do the weapons on the map make it easy to win or lose if you control them? Maps are expected to play 4v4 Slayer as standard, though setups for other formats (and gametypes) are very welcome!


  • Looks: Does the map look smooth and clean? Has the forger made use of texture, sight lines? Have they avoided z-fighting? How has the player worked with the pieces available to them in each game?


  • Creativity: Halo MCC is filled with arena-style maps. Warlord, Heretic, Assembly... they are great to play, and easy to balance but not very inventive. Be creative and make something new if you want to stand out from the crowd.



  • Entries will be due in by Midnight, Sunday February 28th GMT.
    • Entries may be submitted via the forum as replies to this post, including a file download link (or via file share download links if working through XBL).
    • Entries posted elsewhere will not be accepted unless agreed in writing with myself.
    • For those of you on PC, or those of you who do not know how to link to fileshares, I will post a detailed walkthrough of how to link to your map closer to the deadline. Do not worry - it is very easy. 
    • When posting, please make sure you are following the below format:
      • Name of Forger: Your OD name
      • Map Name: The name of your entry
      • Game: The game your map is forged in
      • Map Link: Either a file download or fileshare link
      • Skill Level: See above for categories
      • Extra Info: What format and gametype have you build the map for, pictures, etc
    • If you edit your post entry you are expected to provide an explanation why. Failure to do so (especially after the deadline) may result in DQ. 
    • Extra Information is not required for most maps, but it is recommended you post some background to your map. What gametypes is it set up to play? How many teams can it handle? Do you have any screenshots you would like to share?
    • Maps will be judged by myself and volunteers in the 2 weeks following, with winners announced shortly after. I may be asking for volunteers to help test and review. You are welcome to attend and point out things you feel we may have missed, but you are not allowed to be part of the judging process.
    • Feedback and pointers may be made available following the announcement of winners.


...and that's it! Best of luck to you, and may the best forger(s) win! Please feel free to ask any and all questions below, and I'm already looking forward to seeing the entries!


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Whilst those among us on consoles can simply upload to their file share and link directly, there are a couple more steps to doing the same thing via PC. It is NOT a complicated or challenging process, so have no fear!

  1. Go to your map and save it, even if you change nothing to do so - this will assist you at step 3.
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\LocalFiles.
  3. Open up the folder with the most recent timestamp, then through the folder for the particular game you forged in.
  4. Navigate through that and into the "Map" subfolder. You should see a .mvar file matching the timestamp at which you saved the file in step 1.

At this point you have a few options. Personally, I upload mine to mega.nz, it's effectively just a cloud directory with one of the simplest upload / link out formats around. If you have a preferred way to get it to me, feel free! Once you have a download link, you can proceed with setting up your submission as listed.


When posting, please make sure you are following the below format:

  • Name of Forger: Your OD name
  • Map Name: The name of your entry
  • Game: The game your map is forged in
  • Map Link: Either a file download or fileshare link
  • Skill Level: See above for categories
  • Extra Info: What format and gametype have you build the map for, pictures, etc

Eagerly awaiting those submissions!



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This will be my entry for the competition:

Lore bit: The Eden facility is a testing ground for conducting vigorous training in close quarters combat. It has a full fledged research facility, but after being abandoned much of the research station flooded. Eden features a scenic Waterfall locale and has it's iconic tall standing tree in the center of the facility. Many believe that the tree was created as an advance biosynthesis experiment, but no one will know the truth to what really happened at Eden.



Overview from the Roof Level:



Waterfall Chamber:



Testing Grounds:



Map in Action:


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This is now CLOSED.


I think that certain outcomes are going to be pretty obvious! But we will still go through the review process, and will offer feedback involved.

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