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Halo OD Info Roundup - 27/01/2021

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Move like you got a purpose!


Welcome to another release of the Halo OD Info Roundup - more importantly, Welcome to season 5!




Gotta move this back up to be more prominent. I've pinged the Halo Division with this but you need to be logging into the website in order to reset your DSL. I know of a few names that have been disabled that I personally have played with in the last 4-5 days! The bot is not working, please log in to keep your DSL at an acceptable level. 


***Halo News***

The latest and greatest.




As noted above, the long-anticipated Season 5 has dropped for MCC! If this is the first you are hearing of it (seriously, have you been under a rock?), then check out the full breakdown here, but suffice to say... there's a lot. Aside from the breakdown in armours, we have nameplates, new challenges, quality of life Patches, and more!





There's been a huge number of additions and changes as part of Season 5 dropping in, not least of all the armour additions. Check out some of the lore on the newest additions here, as well as a paying tribute to one of the ultimate legends himself...




Destiny Hive vibes, anyone?


It's also worth noting that there is the ability to disable all new additions from being visible to you. As much as a magpie I love shiny new things, as the Geordie name implies, but should you wish to refrain from witnessing the new armours in the heat of battle (resetting everyone to Mk VI from your perspective, you can do it through your settings menu.




It has been confirmed this week that Halo: Infinite is scheduled and locked in to a Fall / autumn release, and will be seeing monthly preview updates - the first of which will drop this week!



Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes, as Halo Division is absolutely dominating the numbers in the promotions screens! The members currently up for promotion within Halo OD ranks are:

  • Raged (Following General's Evaluation)
  • DTMKillzar


Please make sure to check the list regularly, as members are up for promotion all the time! 


Rank Changes:

Congratulations to all who got promoted this week!


  • New Members: Larixal, EclipseNexus, naruc. Welcome!
  • Other promotions: PureSkooma, Utomneian (MWO5), BL4CKxCH4N (CWO4), Avatarx, phoenix0fEmbers (CWO3), ThatMilkGuy (CWO2), TimmyV (Master Sergeant)



Bit shorter on the medals this week, but that doesn't diminish the achievements of those earning them. Well done to:


Medals Awarded


  • Distinguished Flying Cross: Lysere, Foxlitaf



Please check out the discord #events and #event-planning chats for more info!

  • Jenkinns' BTB Event
    Time: Fri Jan 29th, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)


There's also an awesome new event on the horizon in the form of:


  • PureSkooma's Halo Campaign Longevity Event
    Time: Thu Feb 11th, 2021 ⋅ 4pm PST (UTC-8)


How long can you survive the epic saga of Master Chief? Complete with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, this is definitely one to get involved in! In Skooma's own words:


On Heroic with 3 lives. Try to get to the end of the Halo 4 campaign from Halo 1. There is no skulls allowed and you cant restart as soon as you about to die. You can skip cinematic cutscenes. I will want make to make sure will have breaks after each ending of the game and so I can review the deaths. You get 1 extra life when you complete a game campaign if you LOSE 1 or 2 lives. If you have all 3 lives at the end of a campaign then you stay at 3 lives. Every body will live stream at the same time. if you can't live stream, record your session and send it to me PureSkooma@overdosed.net or through google drive.
If you live outside of the U.S, then I can send the amount of money to you in the currency rate to USD (US Dollar)

Good Luck! Hopefully someone can beat Master Chief's Story and see the defeat of the Flood, Covenant and the Halo Rings.


Friendly reminder / support on joining people directly through MCC on PC without adding friends via Steam or Xbox App. Once you've decided on who you are joining, and have got their Gamertag...




What, you're still here? Why? Get your Spartan ass (or Sangheili, no judgement) into MCC and start taking names in Season 5!

See you starside,



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