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Halo OD Info Roundup - 20/01/2020

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Boots on the line, soldier!


Apologies for the 24 hour delay on this one - my partner had an isolation notice due to an idiot at her work, and then we had a snowfall that took out our landline connection!


Quick recap - this is the weekly roundup of promotions, changes and news within Halo OD - Last week's release can be found here for your reading pleasure.


Bit of a bigger update this week - and some advance notice of OD's meetings. So, getting started quicker than an Unggoy to the food line...


***Halo News***

The latest and greatest.




Be sure to log into MCC and play at least one game of matchmaking before the 23rd January - you will be rewarded with this sweet 117 patch-style nameplate!





Released on March 2nd, currently up for pre-order, Point Of Light is the latest audiobook in the Halo universe. What's special about this one is it will be voiced by none other than Tim Dadabo, who you will know much better as a certain monitor... Check out the announcement (and video) here!




On a slightly different tangent, the unmistakably epic track by Breaking Benjamin, your awesome backing music to the Scarab takedown in Halo 2, has officially gone Platinum. When asked, they probably commented on what a Great Journey they have been on...




***OD Meetings**

Mark your calendars: OD has a clan-wide meetings weekend booked in. There will be a general Community meeting open to all on the 23rd, and an Admin meeting on the 24th - hope to see you there, and be sure to drop your best ideas into #community-suggestions to get them heard!



Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes, as Halo Division is absolutely dominating the numbers in the promotions screens! The members currently up for promotion within Halo OD ranks are:

  • Utomneian
  • BL4CKxCH4N
  • phoenix0fEmbers

  • ...plus quite a few from other divisions, and I know many of you don't just sit in Halo!


.Please make sure to check back here regularly, as members are up for promotion all the time! 


Rank Changes:

Congratulations to all who got promoted this week!


  • New Members: Foxlitaf, Ginopippo. Welcome!
  • Geordie achieved Officer rank, moving up to 2nd Lieutenant.
  • TimmyV climbed into the second tier of Enlisted members, reaching Sergeant First Class.
  • Other promotions: Chief Warrant Officer 2 (ThatMilkGuy), Sergeant Major (Zoro461), Chief Warrant Officer 4 (PureSkooma), Major (Jenkinns523), First Lieutenant (SprucePumpkin01).



Nice to see medals ticking through as well - lets keep up the push, and don't be afraid to ask for how to achieve them if you're not sure! For reference, a full breakdown of available medals can be viewed here.


If you're wondering why this list is noticeably longer, I've chosen to expand to all who are awarded medals, not just Halo members. Unlike promotions, it can be very difficult to tell and I wouldn't want members who I may not have met yet to miss out on their shoutouts!


Medals Awarded


  • Distinguished Service Cross: LumpyDonut, Malzahar, paddyspubb, Smug, Zoro461, WolfX, Lysere, cl1pped, Blind, Codemonkey, Foxlitaf, TomV, purplethanoss, Slvrpheonix, XeroX, Zyrith, Aviarccw, CVOutlaw, EmarimTheGreat, June88, Lizard, LordOfStorms, Lorenzo, OneDelirious, RizingDark, StraitClouds, Trolololl
  • Distinguished Flying Cross: LumpyDonut, TheOzzynator, Profanity231, Altros, Bluesnow, Willsterwil, Clutter, Malzahar, LordOfStorms, EmarimTheGreat, OneDelirious, nicky1499, jibsamar, paddyspubb, Smug, Zoro461, TimmyV, WolfX, D347h, Satrixer, LilHoneyBear, SaekoPhantom, SlvrPhoenix, Aviarccw, JMiggi, Lizard, BOOMDEAD, Trolololl, Emsea
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal: LumpyDonut, Daterminaytah, TheOzzynator, Malzahar, paddyspubb, Smug, Zoro461, TimmyV, Lysere, cl1pped, itsmolonlabe, Slvrpheonix, Emsea, Anon
  • Defense Superior Service Medal: Redops, PureSkooma, Jenkinns523, Geordie, Utomneian, BL4CKxCH4N
  • American Defense Service Medal: Malzahar, XeroX, LordOfStorms
  • Distinguished Knowledge Achievement Medal: Malzahar, LilHoneyBear, purplethanoss, XeroX, Zyrith, Aviarccw, CVOutlaw, EmarimTheGreat, JMiggi, June88, Lizard, LordOfStorms, Lorenzo, OneDelirious, RizingDark, StraitClouds
  • Navy Achievement Medal: Malzahar, ATHG, spark2many



Please check out the discord #events chat for more info!

  • Jenkinns' BTB Event
    Time: Fri Jan 22nd, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)

  • Geordie's Customs Event
    Time: Sat Jan 23rd, 2021 4pm - 6pm EST (UTC-5)

  • Utomneian's Customs Event
    Time: Sun Jan 24th, 2021 ⋅ 5pm - 9pm EST (UTC-5)


This week we had a blast going back to RTS, with Jenkinns' Halo Wars MP Event  where to put it politely I got my ass absolutely handed to me. Here's hoping for more in the future - fingers crossed #2 makes it onto Steam!



Still having to issue the same warning, as we are still seeing repeated demotions and disabled members due to not resetting their DSL -  Please remember the Discord Bot is not working correctly, and you MUST log in to the site to guarantee your DSL is kept up to date!


Friendly reminder / support on joining people directly through MCC on PC without adding friends via Steam or Xbox App. Once you've decided on who you are joining, and have got their Gamertag...




...and that's that! You'll notice even more changes this week. A bit of a shuffle, some healthy expansion to some areas and a cutback on others. Hopefully it all comes down to improvement. Let me know!


See you starside,

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  • Geordie(OD) changed the title to Halo OD Info Roundup - 20/01/2020

Thanks for the positive responses all - if there is anything you would like to see (either as change or for personal preference) let me know. I'm keen to keep developing this each week, to a solid part of Halo OD.

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