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Halo OD Info Roundup - 13/01/2021

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Evening, Spartans!


Quick recap - this is the weekly roundup of promotions, changes and news within Halo OD - Last week's release can be found here for your reading pleasure.


A few potential changes to events and games to discuss, as well as the usual rank climbers and awards.



Same warning as last week! Please remember the Discord Bot is not working correctly, and you MUST log in to the site to guarantee your DSL is kept up to date! Logs are still filled with demotions and disabled notifications!


Friendly reminder / support on joining people directly through MCC on PC without adding friends via Steam or Xbox App. Once you've decided on who you are joining, and got their Gamertag...




Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes, as Halo Division is absolutely dominating the numbers in the promotions screens! The members currently up for promotion within Halo OD ranks are:

  • Jenkinns523
  • SprucePumpkin01
  • PureSkooma

  • ThatMilkGuy

  • Zoro461

  • TimmyV

...but be sure to check back here regularly, as members are up for promotion all the time! 


Rank Changes:

Congratulations to all who got promoted this week!


  • New Members: Lumpydonut, DankTeriyaki . Welcome!
  • Trial Members: Foxlitaf
  • Other promotions: Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Utomneian, Morgandril), Chief Warrant Officer 3 (BL4CKxCH4N, PureSkooma), Chief Warrant Officer 2 (phoenix0fEmbers), Sergeant Major (Rarely), Master Sergeant (Cosette)



Nice to see medals ticking through as well - lets keep up the push, and don't be afraid to ask for how to achieve them if you're not sure! For reference, a full breakdown of available medals can be viewed here.


Medals Awarded

  • TimmyV - Distinguished Service Cross Medal
  • Avatarx - Navy Achievement Medal



Please check out the discord #events chat for more info!

  • Jenkinns' BTB Event
    Time: Fri Jan 15th, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)

  • Geordie's Customs Event
    Time: Sat Jan 16th, 2021 4pm - 6pm EST (UTC-5)

  • Utomneian's Customs Event
    Time: Sun Jan 17th, 2021 ⋅ 5pm - 9pm EST (UTC-5)

  • Jenkinns' Halo Wars MP Event
    Time: Tue Jan 19th, 2021 ⋅ 2pm - 5pm MST (UTC-7)

***Halo News***

Some interesting news coming out, both within Halo OD and out in the big wide world.




To Battle Royale or to not Battle Royale... with such a huge uptick over the past year in massive FFA Battle Royale gametypes, it's no surprise that the question is (repeatedly) levelled at 343 as to whether Infinite will have such a feature. 


It has now been confirmed it categorically will not. In the same breath, however, they have also gone on to reveal that Forge will be getting such a significant expansion that players could effectively just create it for themselves... Read more here via Reddit - be sure to check the links for your sources!




You may have noticed the sneaky addition to the events planner above... Halo Wars is making a quiet return to the echoing halls of Halo OD! If you're after some nostalgic RTS love, be sure to come along to the events, as we are currently assessing if we want a standalone channel for it, or whether it is integrated into #lobby-chat. Either way, I WILL be fielding Grizzlies. You know why.



That's it for this week. You'll notice that I am already expanding what this release covers, having looked at new game discussions, in-game support and the links to leaks, I'm still very keen on supporting all of OD with this, so if you think something should be here (or want to show off your latest creation), send it my way!


See you starside,



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It's not 2020 anymore...
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  • Geordie(OD) changed the title to Halo OD Info Roundup - 13/01/2021

Thank you for the awesome post Geordie! These are very informational, and I really enjoy reading them.



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Just curious when it comes to promotions. Notice me and skooma got promoted at the same time and now skooma is up for promotion again. Now I have noticed this for the past couple of months with various members. I'm just curious to exactly how the system works.

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