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Castle Nathria - 9/10 Normal Nice job guild!

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Last night Guild <OverDosed> wrapped our week of raiding and for the first time managed to get to the final boss of Castle Nathria, Sire Denathrius.

It was a fantastic raid week with the guild defeating Heroic Shriekwing for the first time, and defeating 9 out of the 10 bosses on Normal. It was the first time that the guild has defeated Council of Blood, Sludgefist and Stone Legion Generals which transitions those bosses from progression status to farm status and allows us to turn our attention now to focusing on finishing Normal Castle Nathria next week and defeating Sire Denathrius.

Great job all in the WoW division, this is a huge step! We'll be in Heroic Castle very soon.

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Congratz, guys!


I'm 7/10 Heroics. Lmk if you need some help.


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18 hours ago, TimingTim(OD) said:

Congrats on 6th Heroic boss progression!

Pretty stoked! This week we will hopefully fly through the first 6 bosses today and get some good progression in on Council.

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