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Halo OD Info - 08/01/2021

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Hi all, and welcome to what is hopefully the first of many Halo OD updates!


First off - what is this, I hear you ask?

As I was ticking past 100 days with you all, I started to notice some of the avenues for improvement. Some of those, you'd be better off giving to a toddler (I still don't know how to program a Discord Bot!), but one thing I can do is organise, manage, schedule and above all, write! So reaching out to the leading faces of our division, I asked to put together an info release, something to keep us all informed of the goings-on amongst our growing Spartan numbers. I'm going to be dropping these infodumps on a Monday, with the aim of you hearing the sultry sound of my voice once a week. (No, I'm not going to sing to you, unless you ask very, very nicely).


What is here?

These posts will work to give you the core weekly info on changes within Halo OD in one place. We might not admit we need it, but it keeps you from rooting around for info. Event Plans. Medal Awards. Rank Promotions... All the core info in one spot, weekly and useful notes to all, from Trials to Commanders. I'll be broadcasting the promotion lists for the past week, shoutouts for people who have moved up ranking tiers, and making sure all are aware and helping to keep Halo OD running smoothly.


So, without further ado...



Gotta start this one off with a warning - please remember the Discord Bot is not working correctly, and you MUST log in to the site to guarantee your DSL is kept up to date! The logs were swamped with demotions notes for inactivity!



Please be sure to hit up the promotion list and cast your votes! The members currently up for promotion within Halo OD ranks are:

  • PureSkooma
  • BL4CKxCH4N
  • phoenix0fEmbers

  • Cosette

...but be sure to check back here regularly, as members are up for promotion all the time! 


Rank Changes:

  • New Members: newsunset. Welcome!
  • Moving into Warrant Officer ranks: JayKay. Congratulations!
  • Other promotions: Sergeant First Class (WolfX, Terminouse), First Sergeant (Zoro461), Sergeant Major (Birdman6666, sneakynicolas), Chief Warrant Officer 5 (Geordie)



One that isn't shouted about anywhere near enough is the medals system. All manner of efforts and achievements are rewarded in OD, from time in service, donors, website support and even skill in your divisions! You've probably picked up some without knowing about it. I aim to change that info gap  - a full breakdown of available medals can be viewed here.


Medals Awarded

  • phoenix0fEmbers was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal
  • PureSkooma was awarded the V.I.P. Donor Medal



Please check out the discord #events chat for more info!

  • Jenkinns' BTB Event

    Time: Fri Jan 8th, 2021 ⋅ 7pm - 10:30pm MST (UTC-7)

  • Geordie's Customs Event     Time: Sat Jan 9th, 2021 4pm - 6pm EST (UTC-5)

  • Utomneian's Customs Event

    Time: Sun Jan 10th, 2021 ⋅ 5pm - 9pm EST (UTC-5)


***Halo News***

In case you missed it (have you been under a rock or something?) Halo: Infinite's release date has been pushed back to Autumn 2021. Unfortunate, but it means they get to deliver a kick-ass game in what are most definitely unprecedented times. In case you really have been on the moon for the past month, or need a refresher, hit the below:




It's also the beginning of a sad countdown - we have less than a year before Xbox 360 service and support is going permanently offline in December 2021. Whilst I imagine all of us have migrated to MCC, it will still leave a bitter taste as the 360 is where most of us found our place in Halo. 343 are looking to do a royal send off, and I will make sure that OD contributes in our own way. Check out the below for the timeline and countdown plans.





That just about rounds us up for the first release. All I ask is that you drop some feedback to let me know of any extra sections you want me to include and any way this can be updated to further help you! If you want to give a shout out to a fellow member, are proud of a Halo achievement you gained, or just want to show off a screenshot or video, hit me up!


See you starside,



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