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OMG... 😵 This is a blow to our community! I never expected this coming back to the forums. Sassy was one of a kind, and such a sweetheart whenever we chatted whether it was music, or just regular chats on discord. Sassy god bless your soul, you will be missed dearly!

You welcomed me with open arms after a long time of being MIA in Clan Overdosed. Our top recruiter, loyal, hard-working you were an icon in the Diablo II Division, and this community.  I’m sorry for your loss. Love you Sas 💔


- S.K

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Hi I’m Perrie-Rose julie daughter  It is with such a heavy heart to inform you mummy gained her beautiful wings this morning. 💔 So Sorry  if this has become as a shock to all it certainly wa

I would like to thank each and everyone that took the time to post something about my mother I shall be printing off each of these lovely posts on Friday to be added to her memory box we have started

Evening ever time I try to reply to all of you lovely people’s messages I just break down and cry , it’s very hard for me to take in that a gaming community could love a human being so much like my mo

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It's been a while since I have been around, but I will never forget Julie. She was one of the first people to really welcome me here, she helped teach me about how to be a productive member of OD, how to be an effective and fair officer, but most importantly, she taught me to how to stay positive. Julie was always cracking jokes, laughing, and kept a cheery atmosphere. Julie was kind and fair to everyone she met and played with, always helping others by giving rushes, doing chaos and baal runs, etc. Julie was a shoulder to lean on, someone who lead by example, and second to none in brightening anyone's day. Lastly, there is no doubt in my mind about it, Julie is one of the best OD has seen.


I know that where you have gone to now Julie, that you are in a better place. You have fought and won many battles, and will be an inspiration for years to come. I will never forget you or the wisdom you have imparted on me. Not many people got through to me when I was younger, but you were always a voice of reason. I am happier and a better person from meeting you Julie. 


Rest easy and stay happy,

       Sally the Ging(er)

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Oh you got a nick name ha ha everyone she knew got a nick name thank you for you’re kind words 

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 Thank you all so much was very emotional for myself but loved the story’s . You all definitely knew my mum . You all made me laugh cry but I felt bit closer to you guys that spent many hours with my crazy beautiful mum 💔💔

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I'm going to use this opportunity to call you Welsh one more time. And knowing you can't reply with a cheery "fuck off, cunt" is truly heartbreaking. 

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This is a post on behalf of past OD member RedVaine(OD):


AshleyNicoleYesterday at 11:21 PM
Can you put this somewhere on the forums from me to sas plz
[11:22 PM]

My heart is so broken to hear the news about my PIC (partner in crime) passsing.


it took me by shock, and i dont know if i can ever move past this. So many memories of Sas And Me.


i Joined in a little late for the Memorial for her. But i was still able to say alot about her. I will miss

our laughs and jokes, her love, her laugh, her love for OD 


i will miss you Sassy.

Rest Easy Love<3


 Redvaine   (ur PIC 4eva)

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