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Community Meeting 3/20 7pm CST ×

HC Ladder Reset Teams - Looking For A Few Brave Mmmm........D2er's

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Just like Freight said Friday, 4 December, 5 pm PST finally ladder reset!


For those that would like to join and are available let's meet in the hardcore channel and kick some @ss!


Hoping to field a similar group:


1.) Cold Sorc Tele
2.) Fire Sorc
3.) Bo Barb
4.) Charged Strike Zon
5.) Summon/Amp Necro
6.) Conviction Pally

7.) Salvation Pally

8.) Ele Druid (with Oak)


Hope to see you all there!


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12 hours ago, Purplez(OD) said:

Woot you want a Radarrick reset team channel you are you going to use off the radar Rick?

Honestly, I figured we'd just use the hardcore channel and make sub channels if needed.

4 hours ago, JR(OD) said:

I would love to join but you know my busy schedule at home hahaha. Hope to catch up to yall when I play at work on slow hours

We'll just have to catch opportune times for you.  I'm sure you will level at work faster than most of us anyway :)

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