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Community Meeting 3/20 7pm CST ×

Upcoming Division Night

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Good evening everyone I just wanted to remind you that our division night is tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm CST/7:00 pm EST. The plan is to meet up as usual in the Lobby voice channel of LOL at that time. Depending on how many people attend we will figure out what everyone is interested in doing. 


I also would like to have an LOL meeting soon to discuss the future of our division, and would love to hear some suggestions from our members on events with prizes that they would like to see happen in the LOL division. I  would also like to see if anyone has any interest in taking on a few task to help keep our division running smoothly. I am also interested in knowing if anyone is interested in becoming a recruiter for our division in that meeting. I will create a poll to help figure out what day works best to run this divisional meeting.


See you all tomorrow evening for LOL Division Night!!!

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