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Discord Team(looking for members)

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Hello Everyone!


For those of you who don’t know. Manging, improving, and moderating our discord can sometimes be a full time job. 


It’s no joke when I say “I’m Always Watching...” lol. At any given time I’m usually looking at the discord on one screen or another. Reading through bulk messages and occasionally checking the audit logs. 


To best serve the community I thought it would be best to put together a team of members to work with me in the goal of always keeping the discord functioning well, looking good, and moving forward with the best interest of our community in mind. 


I ask that people who are interested in helping understand discord to a level where if a task needs to be done you can more or less do it on your own. 


If you feel you don’t have the knowledge to act on your own at the moment. I’ll happily consider walking you through the basics you need to keep in mind when moderating for the discord. 




But JD! Shouldn’t All Generals/Officers be doing this job? Yes, in theory all adminstrators have the ability to do what I’m doing to at least some extent. 


But the purpose of the team I’m putting together will be to work together cohesively both on the live server and our test server(s).




Please post here if you’re interested in assisting or message me on discord. 


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25 minutes ago, Blind said:


What do you need help with JD?


I'll poke you. 

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I would love to help with the discord. Since I am helping boosting it and also hosting the discord server banner competition, I would also go one step forward and help you JD, just show me the ropes and I will follow the Pope (you)

 I love the text saying *Six Months later...* that cracked me up one bit

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