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PvP NL Char Giveaway

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Well I have a few extra chars kicking around from previous ladders on NL. They were all successful duelin chars on ladder, and can still clean up on NL.


If anyone is interested in acquiring a decent geared PvP char, hit me up. 


Ideally I give these away to guys looking to get into PvP but don't want to dump a ton of fg for somethin they're not gonna use or like


Currently have:


Ghost Sin

Windy Druid

PnB Necro


Hybrid Sin

Spider Sin


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Very generous of you Kevin!

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Yo Tensor, Ill take a ghost, hybrid, bvc and/or hammerdin if no one wants them.

I wish i still had my old hybrid and ghost claws as they were some of the best on east at the time for hybrids and ghosts


Its 2ez(OD) i was in Dark Legion with you as Nukerz(DL) 3 star general and lead the diablo 2 division until I had a falling out with Commander Mofo and joined OD when chobo recruited me in. 


If you dont remember i lead the elite division with snickers and was the #1 on d2jsps all dueler world pvp-east dueling ladder for about 6 months with my ghost/hybrid assassin when i was a member here and we killed it at the time I believe you were one of the members along with ragnarok back then when I lead it. Im getting sick of DOTA and I decided to check out how OD was doing and what great timing.

We use to duel a lot together. I still have my 2005 jsp account and have  like 700 fg i can use  towards power levels for both the hybrid and  the ghost assassin as those are my mains until i have time to get a power level for a hammerdin or bvc.

I honestly can use all those duelers except for the druid but if its coo with you if you can re enable me and ill buy 2 cd keys this weekend and get a power leveled set up over the weekend for both heroes and set up VMware so i can load 2 diablo 2s and get a hybrid and ghost set up at the same time in a power level.


last time I rejoined i didnt have money for a key as i lost all my savings due to stupid shit. So i rejoined  briefly last year and left after i couldnt get a key.


Whats the best way to contact you?? do you discord? or just text me ill message you my number. or something since AIM isnt around anymore for us to chat

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My discord is Sherb#0940 you discord in your OD profile is missing a number. Or ill shoot you my number and we can discuss this over text

i cant edit the last post anymore

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