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Final Fantasy XIV Trial Expanded

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With the release of the next patch on August 11th, players who are playing with the patch will now be able to play up to the completion of Heavensward and reach level 60 on as many classes and jobs as they choose. This is a huge improvement from the current level 35 level cap.


Anyone looking to give the game a shot should come check it out after this patch is released! We are looking forward to meeting everyone who has an interest in this game!



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5 minutes ago, Sassy said:

I’d love to play just to get them sexy high heels 👠 lol looked so good that game lol 

Well, now you can play for free much farther and Baha will be happy to help with all of your Glamor needs.... lol

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In addition to expanding the trial, FFXIV is currently having a 50% off sale! (Complete edition for $29.99 USD includes base game, Heavensward, Stormbolood, and Shadowbringers expansion packs, along with 30 days of subscription) 



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Still $14.99 but this trial period is 100% free for as long as you want. It starts when the next patch drops. You just cant' go past Heavensward (which is the first Expansion) and close to maybe 250 quests and 60 levels on all classes.

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22 minutes ago, Badboi(OD) said:

What’s subscribing price?

$13 if you do the base sub which allows you 1 char per server

$15 if you do the advanced sub which allows 8 chars per server


You only need 1 char per server as it can do everything so most people go with the $13 one

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