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Any interest in the community for Valorant?

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Curious how many of you are familiar with, or play the game Valorant.  Valorant is RIOT's Character/Class based fps game.  Feels a lot like if CS:GO, and BLOPS4 had a semi cartoony love child.


If my description of this game hasn't tuned you out yet you can get the download @ https://playvalorant.com/en-us/download/


Seriously guys/gals if you enjoy CS:GO, Overwatch, BLOPS4, etc. this is a free game you might wanna check out!  Perhaps we could get a squad going if this post catches fire, and the interest is there!

If you already have the game, or get it and want some Huka lovin add me 😄    YoumuuHakusho#NA1


Hope to see some of you give it a go, or play some games with those that may already have it!


Cheers mates!

(Also feel free to move this post if I per chance placed it in the wrong sub forum <3)

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