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Clan Donation Rewards


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Donations are a critical part of what keeps us going. It serves to help pay for our yearly expenses that are detailed here. As such, we felt it was only fitting to find a way to revamp the process and provide a more fitting reward system to those who do donate as a thank you to the member.


This thread will serve as a way to document the current reward tiers and items offered.


Firstly, all costs listed below are achievable with a single donation equal to or greater than what was listed unless otherwise noted. Contributing smaller amounts over time do not achieve the total needed for the item. 


Also, an Email, VIP Permanent Chanel, VIP Color, Forum Icon, and Donation Medals are one time awards and cannot be re-earned.


Single Donation Option and à la carte Option:


Permanent Email:

  • $15

 Discord VIP Channel:

  • Temp Channel
    • $5/month for Temp Channel, 10 consecutive months = permanent channel
  • Discord VIP Color
    • Permanent yellow tags in available in discord (Even after a resignation) = $10
  • Perm Channel
    • $50 

Donator Forum Icon

  • $10 - Permanent even after resignation.


  • $25 - While supplies and sizes last, first come first serve.

Donation Medal

  • $100 or greater (Can be over time or all at once)


For à la carte, choose which rewards you want, and donate that total amount.


Example 1: Permanent Email and a T-Shirt requires a minimum donation of $40

Example 2: 3 months of a Temporary Discord Channel and the Discord VIP Color requires a donation of $25.


Note: Purchase intentions must be stated in the notes section of your PayPal donation and cannot be changed after choices have been made.


Bundle Option:


Permanent Email/Discord Channel

  • 1 time Donation of $60

Permanent Discord Channel/Discord VIP/Forum Icon

  • 1 time Donation of $65

OD Representative Package(Discord VIP,Forum Icon,T-Shirt)

  • 1 time donation of $40

The OD Care Package(All Items Included)

  • 1 time Donation of $100


As changes happen in the future to the Donation process and new things are added, this thread will be updated to reflect them.


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Updated options for donation rewards and included an  à la carte option as well as bundle options.


There is a temporary grace period for anyone who donated on the first of June to today (July 6th) to change a choice they made with their donation to one presented here. This grace periods will end on July 31st and will not be offered again. As of August 1st, all donation choices will be final.

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