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Concept for building a squad.

Setting up playing times a good idea?  

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  1. 1. So, should we force trial members of a notional "The Cave" squad to communicate using the clan's (very underused) forums, in the form of a weekly posted playing time?

    • Heck yes, it would be great to be able to see when others play, so I can hook up with them.
    • Heck NO. I don't care at all for this idea, just login and play the dang game!
    • If we are talking about something like just the trial membership having to do this, to demonstrate the clans infrastructure, and to ensure that every new recruit gets proper training, then yes.
  2. 2. Do we really need to make sure that new recruits actually understand the basics of the game, before letting them into the notional "CAVE" squad?

    • Absolutely! I played without help, and it was a mess.
    • No way, let the chips fall where they may, "We don't need no, education............"
    • This game isn't like most others, and in order to ensure quality enjoyment for all members playing time, some training would go a looong way to improved enjoyment.
  3. 3. Voice communications:

    • We need this for the learning curve of this game in the initial stages.
    • We don't need this, just play the dang game already!!!!!!
    • We need this for more than just the initial learning curve, but rather throughout the game!

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So, just using the polls and forums to test out some ideas, so that clan OD can coordinate and build a skilled team of players for the cave.


From my initial observations, this game is intricate and very easy to make annoying and time consuming mistakes in, and this means that unlike most games, this game requires more from the players than just randomly jumping in and hacking away at the evil monsters.  Instead, players in this game that don't want to have to constantly have their progress stifled and ruined, may want to take a different approach to this little gem of a game.


In this first thread, I'm just going to make a few points, and see if clan OD can take a stab at this game like professional gamers.  First off, for those without any experience with this particular game, starting off on their own is NOT recommended, as mistakes have a way of adding up, and screwing things up more and more as time goes by and your character misses out of more and more content along the way.


For those that just want to play the dang game, and to heck with planning and co-op work, more power to ya, and I wish ya the best of luck.  For those that want to have a good experience, have good teamwork skills, while learning the basics of the game, I have some thoughts:


We would probably have a great deal better fun and learning, by having teams working together, and making the most of our clan's infrastructure to make co-ordination possible and fun.  For me, this would mean having a (weekly) forum thread, that lists player availability, and later on, game focus, like team composition, level/goals for a gaming session and whatever else we eventually think of, based upon the number of people that are actually playing the game.


So, a thread to list and co-ordinate player times, started on Wed-Thur each week, for the coming Sunday to Saturday calendar week, good idea or bad?


Required play through's for some simple, quick and easy team sessions, to get the bugs worked out, and folks comfortable with their knowledge of the game, while in the trial members stage?  Think here of playing a character to level 7, and being able to list the quests that you want to have completed and enabled when stepping out of town for the very first time.  Basically, if you cannot play the game a bit in your trial membership period, why should you pass?  Making 7th level is so easy in this game, and so quick, that I cannot see any reason not to make this a requirement.


This game has many pitfalls, and folks that don't get a good starting experience playing, may just up and quit playing it, and to do everything in our power as a clan, discord voice communications should be a requirement, as I cannot see trying to help walk folks through this games initial stages without voice communication with all of my teammates.

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Posted (edited)

So, getting back to this, I made this image and am going to use it in helping new players out.


So, my thoughts are to try to help new players of this great map/game out, so that more folks 'stick with it' all the way through the game.  Right now, most folks that run across this map are just going in, having no clue what to do, being ignored by other folks in the game when they ask how to do things, then play on their own, and then quit altogether.  I would love input from folks in the clan that have played this game, to give testimonials about their experiences, and suggest ways that learning the game could be made easier and more fun.


I would also like to invite folks to start characters with me, and play-through some of the initial content of the game.  The reason for my asking this is that I want some interaction in the forum here, so that others that come by later can see posts and maybe images from in game, posted by many members, and decide to give this game a go.


In the above screenshot, I captured the screen image, blew it up, and then just did some editing so that folks could see more clearly the 'Inner Regions' of this games main map.  Right now, this image is just something that I whipped up, set off center so to be able to use it as a desktop background, and plan to make a series of images, that work off this as a base, so that each successive image reveals more information to the player.  Eventually, I hope to be able to show the author that there is actually a need for this kinda thing, and get him to code in an interactive quest within the game itself, where your character is 'tested' on their ever expanding skill and knowledge of how to get around on the map, and thus all players can benefit from the effort of making things easier to understand and thus being more fun.

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I goofed, lol. What's new?

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Here are some of the things you will first see upon entering the game.


The Spawning Spot:


This is the starting area of the game for newly created characters.  Upon creation, you character will spawn in the fenced off area in the upper left, and Farmer Clyde will have a yellow exclamation point over him, indicating that he has a new quest for you, to get you started on the path to adventure.  Read the quest!, and be prepared...


The World's End Keep:


Unlike many games, you don't immediately have the right to enter the local center of civilization, but have to earn the right to do so by completing the first quest, given to you by Farmer Clyde right at the beginning, and after doing so and returning to him, you will now see a Green Question Mark over him.  Talk to him again, and he will reward you for your bravery and service, and direct you to Miss Molly.  When you end your conversation with Clyde, you sill now see a Yellow Exclamation Point over Miss Molly, and when you speak to her, she will ask a favor of you, and doing this favor will enable you to now enter the town for the first time.


The Adventure begins:


Once you have taken care of business in town (and there is much to do there), you will eventually decide to go forth, and begin your adventures in the wider world, and this is where that will take place, just follow the Yellow Brick Road...  Er, the Yellow Arrows, and they will almost always steer ya in the right direction.


***Ok, by now folks will realize that my efforts on building helpful content is going to rely heavily on taking screen shots in game, then editing such, then posting them here.  It sounds easy (and it really is, after all) but the computer I am working with/on is under-powered and slow, so I cannot just take screen shots, alt+tab to the desktop, do the editing, and then go ahead and post the images here on the forum.  Oh no, that would be too easy, lol.  Instead, I am forced to exit SC2 entirely, then do the image editing and posting, and then restart SC2, and repeat the process over and over again, for every few screen shots I take.  That being said, it takes me a long time to even post a few images, and I need 100's of images posted to make the clan's informative threads regarding playing "The Cave" worth reading and hopefully clear and easy to understand.  It's taken me about a month to explore and figure things out enough so that I could even begin to start to think I know where to start, but I'm going to start uploading many, many images in the coming weeks, so please don't get alarmed if these game images start to breed like rabbits, lol.


I am also going to start recruiting folks that I am playing with, and so far I have a couple guys I have played with on the European servers, and a couple more folks that I played with on the US servers, from all over the world.  I have so far held off on the recruiting to this point, because I didn't really have a clue what I wanted to do, nor where to start, with building Overdosed Gaming's infrastructure to support playing 'The Cave".  Now though, I'm going to start bringing folks in and having them help me build content up.


I realize that the content I am making right now is going to have to be replaced, and more likely than not, over and over, and over again, because I forget something, or just plain mess things up, but as I make this journey and develop skills, I hope to eventually (Say by Christmas time)) have developed a decent, and comprehensive beginners guide for helping player in game, and also building up a team orientated community of clan members that have had a helping hand within the clan, and are ready and willing to take their skills and knowledge with them when they expand to other games.


Feel free to speak up folks, and help me help folks enjoy better gaming.  🙂


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