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[RESOLVED]2 Vacant Positions on the Rules Committee

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Fellow OD Members. As of my current calculations, we have two vacant positions in our committee. If you are interested in reviewing and molding our policies, please apply by posting to this thread (feel free to make additional justification to your nomination).


Please review our charter before posting to get a better idea of how we function and the things we look for in a committee member. Any member regardless of rank is encouraged to apply. We actually prefer lower ranked members to get a better understanding on how newer rising stars feel about our policies to keep them "current". However, there is always a vicious cycle, where those participating in this committee get promoted and we no longer have a diverse rank among our committee.



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Bringing more attention to this thread by "nominating" others is a great start, but until a nominee or (any member for that matter) posts in here and accepts the nomination / position,  the spots are still open...


("Can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink", :thumbsup:)

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If there is a spot still open, I would love to participate in this.



I grew up in OD, (and Badboi I'm using a dif name right now but you and I played a lot together YEARS ago) I remember when the voting system and trial members system was first implemented, etc - and I've been wanting to contribute ideas towards the whole "modernizing OD" project. I feel that a LOT of the procedures, systems, etc are still the same today that they were 10 and 15 years ago, and they made total sense at the time, but I feel that there are definitely some updates that could be made.


For example, IA requests were to help people not DSL out if they were on vacation or could not have access to a computer for X amount of time - I think this system needs to be revised. Nowadays there are really very few reasons for DSLing out - I'm the perfect example recently. I haven't been that active in OD games for a bit, but I linked up my Discord and every once in a while I pop in discord to reset my DSL. There are still some situations where IA requests would be useful, as in - getting a surgery or out of country with limited access, but I feel that with current technological capabilities that IA requests are much less needed.


Another issue that I'm sure many of you have thought of is with recruiting new members who don't understand the need for logging into a website - the original reason for logging into the website was to measure activity so that our ranks didn't get filled with a bunch of IA accounts. At the time, the website was our main form of "social media" to connect outside of game - otherwise it would be in the USEast or USWest "Clan OD" channels on battle.net. I don't want to get rid of the website, but to create more incentives for people to participate on it together. I'm sure there are ways to effectively get people on to the website that doesn't feel like pulling teeth. We just need to brainstorm ways to update the system.


I've got some other ideas on medals / ranking system, etc and I could go on forever because it's fun to brainstorm ideas, but I'll save those for another time in case the rules committee isn't the right place to discuss those. If you already have people selected for this, totally fine - I'll be happy to simply DM more detailed thoughts on the above as well as other things that come to mind to the appropriate person. 





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