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Starcraft 2 Recruitment Guide

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     If you are interested in being a recruiter for Starcraft 2 Division Please Contact

RedIce(OD) or Dro4Sho(OD)


When recruiting members for Starcraft 2 Division we are looking for players that are active, talented, and well mannered. Our main sources for communication is using our discord channel (https://discord.gg/QP57wVh) or our Clan channel OD2019 on the client itself. We also have a forums section for SC2 and I will provide information below on that.


     To start off with i suggest using ranked/unranked match finder or custom arcade lobbies to find members. Play a game against them or with them and see how they communicate and if they have talent/knowledge of the game. Now by no means do they have to be the best player, we can always help teach them the ropes with new strategies and techniques of their race.  Once you decide if they seem like a good fit for the clan and OD community then you can ask them if they are interested in joining a gaming clan. Below is a list of things you can inform them on after asking if they would like to join to help influence them and give them more of a reason to join.


• We have a nice website and forums section
• We run In-Clan Tournaments (Some with a cash prize winner)
• Great group of guys that are active and enjoy playing the game.
• Promotion system where you can rank up and make an impact on the clan itself.
• Clan wars against other clans
• Multiple game platforms not just starcraft 2


     If they decide they do not want to join I would just tell them thanks for the time and move along. If they are interested in joining the clan then you will need to inform them of how to join.

1. Have them register on the main website http://www.Overdosed.net with YOUR NAME as their recruiter from the recruiters list. They should notify you when they have submitted their application.
2. You will need to login on the website and look at your console (located at top center of page after you login). You will see a Recruitment tab click on it. There will be a "View Applications" option where his/her application can be seen. Open the application and approve with 3 reasons why they should join the division (For example: Good (Race here) player, well mannered, active on discord, interested in joining the clan).
3. Once the application has been approved send the member a clan invite on client to OD2019. Also let them know we use discord for communicating and playing tournaments https://discord.gg/QP57wVh.
4. Have them sign up on the forums and post a new member introduction post found here: https://forum.overdosed.net/forum/154-introductions/
5. The member will now have a 14 day trial period to be voted in the clan. To earn votes they can play practice 1v1s or arcade games with other members in the clan on discord. They can also participate in the clan tournaments. Posting a introduction post on the forums is a great way to earn votes from members in other divisions as well.
6. Let them know they will need to login on the website a few times a week until they pass trial period. After they pass trial and are a member of Clan OD they can link their discord to their account on the website. Console -> Third Party Integrations -> Link Discord.
7. Have the member join our discord Starcraft 2 channel and introduce them to anyone that is online and let them know they are trying to earn trial votes.
8. Trial member page where you can vote is located here: https://overdosed.net/index.php?view=T.


     After your recruits have joined the clan make sure to keep an eye on their DSL and remind them to login if it gets too high (5+). Other then that just encourage them to get on discord whenever they can and run games with them.

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