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Was pretty fun playing this up until the d2 reset (happens 2 days from now)... Myself and Jared [formely DBZ(OD)] worked on this together... It took a lot of time and effort but overall I like the result.. Just wish the pvp was stronger here. The server started out strong but ppl slowly stopped coming on


butttt anyway enjoy 🙂 


This was the base 4 days ago (5-31-2020) followed by today (6-3-2020). Youtube yelled at me for using Freebird so I went with in game sounds for the new one




@Atrayas(OD) @Vanity(OD) @DBZ(OD)

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8 hours ago, Atrayas(OD) said:

Should have told me you were playing.

We kinda bounced between a few servers.. they kept shutting down on us.. then we pvp'd a guy on a pvp server and next thing we knew he was crying to the admins and it was reset and passworded. So yea lol



Maybe next time. I'm sure we'll get bored of d2 again hehe

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My server is still up and running: Pandemonium PVP 


Modded to adjust for lower lvls catching up to the higher lvls for better pvp.  Not many playing right now but when a19 releases it will be populated again.


And i got bored of d2 years ago lol, I don't think I could run another baal run ever again.


Currently playing a little gem called Project Zomboid, nice, in depth real survival game.

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