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Tell me how to maximise my reset!

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13 days to reset!!!


Ok everybody, I'm going to try to get a really good start for the upcoming ladder reset, and want folks to take the time to stop by and give me ideas for how to optimize my own ladder reset activities.  I am just one guy, and so can only do so much, but I am a guy that can put 5+ characters in a game at the same time, because 5 of my 9 D2/LOD capable computers are currently up and running at the moment, with the other 4 not being available due to HDD failures, system battery failures, and just plain never getting around to install D2/LOD on computer #9 in the first place.


So, given the ability to multi-character the heck out of early reset games, what would be most valuable to the clan as a whole for the first couple days?  How about for the first couple weeks?  I'm asking this now, so I can have time to get responses and get a plan.  I want to be able to provide Enchant and BO, with maxed skills (but gear will suck) in each, that I will park in game, and will open a tp for refreshing.  As I don't bot, this required me to stop playing my own character each and every time, so some cooperative system will be needed to optimize these efforts.


I will of course be using these forums and discord to arrange playing times and activities, and wonder at the $$$ costs to have a dedicated voice and text channel within the discord to make these activities easier to keep track of and open to all (OD) members.


Some things:

I don't divide my time between realms and whatnot, so all of my activities are going to be limited to either classic D2 Ladder SC characters on USEast realm, or the Expansion version of the same.  Other members can cover the other realms if they so choose, but I am going to focus on the USEast realm exclusively.


Some thoughts:

I personally like to play from act 1 normal all the way through the game, rather than just getting grushed or crushed and then doing final act runs over and over again to level and gear up, but recognise that this playstyle is not for everyone, and so am looking to dedicate the first couple weeks to helping the clan get up and running as quickly as possible once the reset is live.


I know that my own characters are rapidly going to be getting left behind level and gear wise, as I will start providing Enchant and BO rather than playing those characters, so they will dead end rather quickly.  Because of this, I intend to work on two or three sets of characters, with one set (the lowest level/geared ones) created on my own account(s), and then the other sets of guys being played up on accounts that others can login to and use.  I don't know anything about how to set that kinda stuff up right now, so need a crash course in getting this down in the next 13 days to reset.


My thinking is that, because I personally like to play through the game rather than rush all the time, I will be making multiple Chanters and BO barbs, and the low level/ungeared guys will be for my own personal use, created upon my own private accounts, while the higher level/geared up guys will be made on accounts that others can use, so as to provide the clan with the benefits as early and as widely as possible.  Again, I personally am only going to be doing this for SC, LOD, Ladder, USEast in the initial 2 weeks of the ladder reset.  If, after that time, there is interest/need to diversify, I could spend some limited time with massive support from other clan members, in setting up such things as needed on other realms/versions, but again, my own personal focus is getting USEast up and running first thing, and only then working to get this for other places.


In addition to making multiple pairs of characters for providing Enchant and BO, I am going to start off the ladder season with production line Bumpers.  All of my bumpers will be 40th level Druids, with maxed out Oak Sages, so as to be the best party friendly escort that I can provide.  Here to I have some plans/questions.  Like most folks, I like to get something for my time and effort, and in this case, bumpers created and used up will be retained as mules, that can be respected to be able to have all Strength and/or Dexterity, so they can have additional storage capacity by equipping some gear that otherwise would take up stash/cube/inventory space.


Additionally, I would like some folks to help me work on an experimental process, where we find out if my ideas for "Dead Mule Storage" are in fact valid.

Dead Mule Storage has at its core premise, the concept that a dead mule will have a whole additional set of equipped gear storage capacity over and above what a 'living' mule can have, and this potentially includes two additional weapon/shield combos, as well as 1 each for all other equipped items!  Add in the fact that if this mule is an expended 'bumper', then they can go directly into any act, on any difficulty setting in the game, and grab up extra loot, and if they have the levels, and respect to have the strength/dexterity requirements to equip most any items in the game, this is a very good additional storage space!


I'll be posting some screenshots later on, but really want to get this discussed quickly, and the reset is just 13 days away....



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Reset is a fun time for everybody.  Historically it's a mad rush to get leveled, then concentrate on gear.  Here's what I know will happen.


@Froggie420(OD) will be making a shared Crush sorc and allowing officers the use to help rush clan members.  I always set up the "clan mules" available to Warrant Officers 2 and above, but that always starts slow.  I also start with a Pally to be my worker bee to help rush clan members.


You will see "reset teams" posts or talks about on this forum.  Furthermore, @SuNSeT posted this reset guide link:




If you are wanting your own Discord channel you can go about this two ways.  If you donate $$ to the Clan via the website donate button, you are entitled to a MVP private Discord channel which you name and control (i.e. set password and limit entry) OR a temporary channel can be set up just for reset, but it will be open to all, which is the same way our regular channels work.  


I am sure others will contribute more answers to your post.



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Thanks @Purplez(OD) I am looking to get some good times rolling during reset, provided my own and folks health do not intervene.

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11 Days to Reset


So, I signed up as the Oak Sage Druid guy in the teams thread, as this seems the easiest and least skilled position/expectation of them to me, as all I need to provide to the party is a single skill, maxed out, and just to recast it when it bites the dust.  I'm also thinking that maxing out Grizzly Bear and synergies is also a simple thing to do, and can provide the party with one good meatshield, or a few lesser targets.  For late game personal survival I'm thinking wear-bear and some points into Lycanthropy, after oak sage is maxed out at level 25.


So, given that I'm going to be assitsing with the OS character I am playing, what plan should I make for the other four machines?

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