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So end of ladder is nearing, and it made me ask a few folks in game what they planned on doing at the end of ladder. The answer was kinda crazy to me as the FG meiser I try to be.


All of you guys who dump in random pub games and delete your characters need to talk to me! What I am going to attempt to do is as follows.


Condense all gear into mules with the sole goal of SELLING IT ALL on jsp (granted I will be taking some nl items for myself) What I intend to do with 75% of the proceeds is to directly put them back into the guild (via pops) 

To keep FG in circulation to top runners for prizes and rewards for contests or tournaments and what have you. the remaining 25% I will keep to also have an event or two and yes selfishly line my own pockets for some of the time such a massive under taking will inevitably take.


Anyone who is considering to dump or delete please don't contact me in forums or in game and when season ends we will work together to make the guild wealthy as we can and ensuring a solid base for Clan OD in the future. You can also post in this thread if you would like to participate in this after the season ends. Thanks.

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I will be more than happy to donate to this cause.  I usually drop the good stuff in public games and delete the rest.  I will let you know as get close to reset when I am ready to drop...I have two account full of stuff.


Is there much of a market for hcl gear?

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Im sure there is, I started on nl initially before joining and the market was going I have a few ideas on how to go about doing this prolly be a bunch of threads and a lot of work initially, might ask for someone to help with it here and there lol

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@WWIII(OD)  Qi(OD) has been volunteering during this pandemic and hasn't had time to play D2.  He gave me about 4-5 full toons of SCL gear.  I put the gear on a separate account for you WWIII and will give you the account info and password when I see you on line.  So huge thank you to you both!  @Qi(OD)

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