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Creating a Guide

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If you have a build that you feel great about, feel free to post it in Character Build Forums!


We only ask your guide is well written and detailed. Well written guides will be added to our Character Specific Builds! Leave a legacy with a solid guide.


Examples that guides should have


Stat Points

Skill Points


Faster Hit Recovery

Faster Cast Rate


Best in Slot Armor/Shield/Weapons/Jewellery, ect


Strategy vs other characters if its Player vs Player build


Thanks for taking the time!

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Posted (edited)

In that hccl and sccl event, I created a freezing ice zon. I was mf'ing while no cs games were up and I found a wormskull that gives 80psn per some seconds. I have a pvm build, but it's just a helper for cs games.

screenshot goes like this.


The boots can be considered as what the dueler could throw to you. I use on her manald 7-7 angelic ring+amulet. sig gloves for 30ias with using 2 set items so gloves and belt(belt gives extra defense). twitch for ias. my zon has 75%increase attack speed. could be better with fanatisim pally into same party.


Stats now.


I tried enough strength + massive dex + 5o vita points, but it wasn't working pvm. this is a pvm setup. you might give a go and try for massive dex for pvp zone.

Skill Tree



I heard in Classic that dexterity points is useless for max block. I known after. my ar is high even with 85 points because of my 15 points in penetrate skill.

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Thinking of a tactic..

I might use strafe after inner sight shot on target done. well if possible. the psn on helm will make him move.

Freezing ice on close target, but don't do a like that ww lock thing. the guy or lady could just get to you by a non-stop non-straight to you while attacking if melee.

Just aim.

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