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Warrant Officer Discord Powers

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fb0f017e191bc307d99055cae13a9ec1.gif.5e7c9ab0b2dc060a62d22a834a9e961d.gif W.O.Discord Powersfb0f017e191bc307d99055cae13a9ec1.gif.5e7c9ab0b2dc060a62d22a834a9e961d.gif

The W.O. discord rank powers are as shown below. 


Warrant Officer

General Permissions

Text Permissions

  • Read Messages

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Read Message History

  • Mention Everyone

  • Use external Emojis

  • Add Reactions

Voice Permissions

  • Connect
  • Speak
  • Use Voice Activity
  • Move Members




Power Usage

I will be going over the the 3 major permissions have access to. These permissions being Kick Members, Move Members, Manage Channels.


Kick Members


Kick Members is fairly self explanatory. You have the option to select a member/user of our discord and kick them from the server. Unlike Teamspeak, that does not mean that person can just rejoin. With discord when you kick/ban someone from the server. The invite link they used to join becomes invalid. Assuming you or the person who invited them originally followed the instructions you should have learned about your "Create instant invite" power(if you need a refresher on that. Click Here) than they will need a new invite and the invites of "https://discord.gg/QP57wVh and discord.overdosed.net" will no longer work for them.











Move Members


The action of moving members is fairly simple as shown in the video below. But, This is one of the handful of permissions given that is not constricted by the role/rank tree in our server. So yes a W.O. can technically move someone higher in rank than them. But this is not at all advised as that member will be abusing their power. 


The only time a member of lower rank should/can move someone above them in rank out of a channel is if it's their personal VIP channel. This is the only time this is acceptable. 











W.O. Powers4 Channel.png

W.O. Powers5 Channel.png

W.O. Powers6 Channel.png

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