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Logo Contest Poll - Voting closed!

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@R.agnarok(OD) gave us specific parameters and colors for a possible new logo for our new Overdosed.net website.  I turned it into a contest and the following entries were submitted.  We were supposed to vote on the 300 fg winner at last night's admin meeting, but I was asked to do it in a poll instead.  Whoever wins in the poll vote will get the 300 fgs, however, the $20 cash prize is only if your logo is chosen to be the one used on the new website, so it will be an on going process.  Right now, please just vote for your favorite.   






Number One:



Number Two:



Number Three:




Number Four:




Number Five:




Number Six:





Number Seven:





Number Eight:





Number Nine:






Number Ten:





Number Eleven:














Number twelve





Number thirteen




Number fourteen





Number fifteen





Number 16




Number 17




Number 18








Number 19


od7 copy.png

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16 hours ago, snicker66(OD) said:

Can I vote for the main text of #19 and the subtext font of #4

We all knew you were going to vote for two and you still asked. 😛

My vote is for 17.

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26 minutes ago, Rich(OD) said:

think ima go with 14. But what is the deal with the 6 stars? just curious

I was thinking the same thing haha. SK did that one I think so he'd know. I think he was planning on trying it with the O and the D blue as well.

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On 3/25/2020 at 9:15 PM, Rich(OD) said:

think ima go with 14. But what is the deal with the 6 stars? just curious

To be honest, it was just out of creativity, something to make it stand out, I guess lol! 

Six stars highest rank in OD? idk, In art I just let my mind wonder & see what I can come up with but something along those lines 😛 


Yes, if fourteen wins it will be the way Venom Described it. “O & D“ light blue. 


Only reason why I did the ”R”  blue is because you can see how it’s extenting at the bottom where the stars are so that’s where I say again  just to make it stand-out.  


As for voting, I’m going to null my vote. I rather let the clan decide as a whole. Too many good submissions, and it will be a hard choice from my view to decide.  


If I do need to vote thou, I’m going to go with 15 or 16.  There’s a nice fade to it, readable, and catchy to the eye. 😉

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Alright then.  Thank you all for participating with submissions and votes.  It's a tie between number 17 and number 19, both submitted by @Sil3NtKilL(OD)  so he will win the 300 fg!  Send me your JSP name please SK.


Now it is up to the generals and commanders to decide if they want to use one of those logos for the new website.  If they do use one, that person will get the $20 cash money.


Number 17









Number 19


od7 copy.png








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First, I’d like to say thank you to all that have done a wonderful job taking part in this contest & we did not have a short amount of people who submitted.  So many members took part, and their time to show us some fantastic work. And that always is appreciated here in OD your time, and work, and efforts to make this community a great one! 🙂


 I definitely do look forward to seeing many other projects down the line as we had some really talented members. 

Second, I will like to DONATE the FG to our clan as a whole, and same goes for the cash-prize!! We all have Won as a clan so we should all get a chunk of the reward. So what better way can I do this but donate to US, for future improvements, gear for our members who need it the most in our mules, and such etc. 

Thanks again
- S.K

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