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Promotions, How do they work?

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Guide to Promotions


The Why & Whats of Promoting

Why vote on promotions? This is a great question. We vote on promotions on our website so we can acknowledge the accomplishments of our fellow members in this community.


Positive Voting


But what are some valid reasons for voting on a fellow community member?  You can follow these suggestions provided by @R.agnarok(OD) here.


An appropriate comment should contain:

- At least 3 reasons for promotion.

Reasons can be:

-Recruiting, being a good recruiter is most important for the clan.
-Activity on forums.
-Website activity by keeping 0 DSL at most times, using the console to vote for promotions/trial members, award medals, etc.
-Activity on our Discord Server.
-Activity on the games they play that are supported in OD.
-Good behavior, this includes being GM at all times and how the member handles himself towards the other members.
-Helping train members to improve their skills(all games) or by giving them items to help their characters (Diablo 2 and Diablo 3).
-Achieve outstanding gaming skills.
-Organize and participate in tournaments or clan events.
-Being a good moderator, when the member has shown capability to deal with clan disputes without abusing his moderator rights.
-Taking part of General Clan Discussions on the forums and actively bringing new ideas.


If you're still unclear of reasons to vote for a member but want to. You can explore the Rank Expectations for their rank. These are conveniently shown now when you're going to cast your vote as shown below.  They can also be found for all ranks at this link here.






Negative Voting


So... what if you come across a member that you feel SHOULDN'T be promoted. Well, that's fine also. You have every right to share your opinion as long as it doesn't cross into BM and is constructive. 


Negative voting is different from positive voting in one big way. You only need to include a single reason as to why you think they shouldn't be promoted. 


These reasons can include but are not limited to


  1. Not fulfilling their rank expectations
  2. Member is BM(shows bad manners)
  3. Member isn't active enough within the community


Additionally you'll want to follow the below when negative voting on a member.


"All voting, whether positive or negative, should be based on what the individual has done since their last promotion, even if they failed their last promotion. It is not considered appropriate to vote for the same reasons on more than one promotion, unless there are examples of them continuing to fulfill those reasons since their last promotion."


Removing Promotions

There are cases where a member may be put up for promotion and they do not wish to be promoted at that time for various reasons. You can find the topic for the information below here.


"It was authenticated in the Administration Meeting of February 21, 2016 that members can ask a General to be removed from the Promotion Pending list if they do not want to be put up for promotion, and said General will remove them, requiring the candidate to wait the minimum time between promotions set for their rank before they are eligible for promotion once more. If a pending promotion is removed then people's reasons for either positive voting or negative voting that individual can be fairly applied in the next future promotion (Typically, especially in the case of neg voting, you don't punish someone for the same reason for more than one promotion, this does not apply if the promotion was prematurely taken down). It is recommended to those who had neg votes on a promotion they asked to be removed that they take some time to address the concerns of the people who neg voted them if they hope to prevent those same neg votes from returning in any future promotion.

It is important to note that the removal of someone from the promotion pending list is irreversible, you can't change your mind, so do not ask unless you are certain. No General is responsible for any reckless decisions made in emotionally unstable states of minds.

This policy was put into effect after it was collectively deemed unethical to force-promote someone to Commander rank and watch them die an agonizingly slow death over the course of several years."



 You can find members that are up for promotion at the Promotion List.


The Hows of Promoting


The Hows of promoting will cover not just voting on an existing member up for promotion. But we will be going over how to put up a member for promotion yourself.


How often can members be promoted?


A wait time between promotions is enforced by the website, based on ranks


Enlisted and Warrant Officers - 7 days between Promotions

Officers and Senior Officers - 14 days between Promotions

Generals 1-3* - Can only be promoted during an evaluation period, which take place every 3 months

Generals 4* - Must wait 6 months upon receiving 4* rank before they are eligible for Commander rank. Afterwards they can be put up every eval period.



Voting on an existing promotion


(Full Screen for best Resolution)



Putting up a member for a new promotion


(Full Screen for best Resolution)


















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