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Hardcore Squad Information

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Commanding Officer:
Major RadarRick(OD)

Executive Officer:
Second Lieutenant ScudBarb(OD)




Date Created:
Sun Jun 06 2010, 7:09 PM

Total Active Members:
26 Members


Any Clan OD member that has a Hardcore Ladder Character is welcome to join this squad. This member must also be able to be active(low dsl) and be dedicated to the squad.

Your rank in the squad will be subject to change anytime. Any member unable to stay active or is Bm will have rank demoted.

If you want to join the squad please use the link at the bottom of this page. You can also contact RadarRick(OD) or Scudbarb(OD) in-game, on the website, on Discord or in the forums.

Ranks in the Squad:

Elite - A member who has show great dedication and loyalty to HCL Squad and to Clan Overdosed. This the highest rank in the squad, proven very skilled and very active player. Also, Able to reach level 94.

Commander - A member that is skilled and active and has the ability to do runs. Also, able to reach level 90.

Pro- A dedicated, active member that has show skill and the ability to survive in HCL.

Soldier - A skilled active player.

Enlisted - An active player.

Peon - A fresh member in HCL Squad.

Additional Titles:

OG - Member has a HCCL char lvl 40+

Vindicator - Member defends an OD Pub Run from hostile PK'er. Must occur in an OD Run, PK'er hostile's first with screen shot posted to forum.

Champion - Member engages in GM Legit HC Duels. Strictly GM Legit Duels with screen shot posted to forum.

MIA - A member that has not been active for extended period. (One Week)

RIP - Member was Slain by Monster or PK. (One week)

KIA - Member was Killed in willing engagement with a PK or other Legit Duel. (One Week)



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