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SCL Pre-Ubers test passed!

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Hi Ladies, and Gents!

I've been testing pre-ubers with no death penalty so far onto six pre-ubers. I am telling this for those who wants to hear about.

Here is my stats points.

I use Dwarf + Carrion wind ring 9%ll - 156 defence versus missiles.

To add missiles effect I use 65 to life waterwalk boots, and it gives room for +5% fire resist.

54%dr. so, 50% considered of hell mode.

15%dr dungos - coh - 31%dr coa(2os).

Crushing blow 70% into lastwish pb 368% (15ed-3ar). 

eth bugged sacred targe exile 16 defiance 238%enhance defence.

Metal grid amulet.

Dracs 10%ll - 15str. It seems that they nerfed the life tap. It's working only on bosses.

I forgot to put one point into zeal for that pre-uber Duriel that time. Sometimes, he isn't at the portal.

Why a LastWish Phase Blade instead of greif: it doesn't brake, greif is for pvp, lastwish pvm.

For those who doesn't know about the fire cold lite resist skill: Two real point into it expand from One resist in the stats bar. That's why it's so high.

I stun with smite two or three target to breath a group of issue.

*I'm sure orgsets aren't gifted in hardcore. Good Luck and Happy pre-ubers!

Edit: I leveled a hdin before using a token.





7x pcomb gcs, one with +5dexterity.

Torch, anni.

9x 5all res sc's in case of conviction on a monster.

34ar-18lifer sc.

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Speaking about the Devil OPEN WOUND!

I turned my back on Izzual in pre-ubers to hit the last knight. I lost 95% of health to one shot! Took a rejuv and still no death penalty through 9x pre-ubers.

Use my stats points on dex. minimum str, the other points into hp.

Mytho Out!


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smoken and i have been ubering alot in hcl already >< u shoulda told us. we could help! glad u tested it ur self~ we are mid lvl 80s with half invent full without torch/anni come join us next time we run!

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