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Xbox Gamertags

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Xbox Gamertags


JD_FKA_Xayj(OD): Ayo JD123

R.agnarok(OD): RagnarokOD

Zakspeeed(OD): Zakspeeeed

Carmar4(OD): Carmar48389

Redvaine(OD): xxmrsweirxx

Darthhelmet(OD): Darthelmet4978 (Disabled)

ShaggyB420(OD): ShaggyB69


Coolhand7(OD): LLS111205

ElectricFeel(OD): CollinsGirl2016

Coldwine(OD): Coldwine

YoCoaxke(OD): Yo Coaxke

GorillaDeluxe(OD): GorillaDeluxe

Glucose(OD): SaltyDiabetes96

TheFlay(OD): TheFlayIsOn

SalinePandora(OD): SalinePandora11

Fruitygluten(OD): Fruitygluten

Rovert(OD): jawtastics (Disabled)

Bent(OD): blacKLA4CES (Disabled)

Stiltski(OD): Stiltski

JAM(OD): darksideofJAM

crazy_charles(OD): Crazycharles131

SxnnyDays(OD): Smileyx9x1x5 (Disabled)

Arch3r(OD): IceMage123

RedHotChilly(OD): RedHotChilly259

pineapples(OD): AllDestroyer148

Krumble(OD): Krumble iron

MatthTheGeek(OD): MatthTheGeek203

sheffdon(OD): Sheffronio

ThatMilkGuy(OD): VolumedLeaf9118

Canyon(OD): a Canyon: 

Punky(OD): Punky6876

JamesLoki(OD): HypnoticRex3601

Morgandril(OD): Morgandril

DeGraph(OD): DeGraph7386

Civil(OD): CivilJudgement

omega6six6(OD): omega6six62265

deadhead(OD): Honeey Bear

Steelrod(OD): Steelrod66

MordeHaiser(OD): Mordehaiser117

Jenkinns523(OD): Jenkinns523

Cptnrogers(OD): Cptnrogers

BearMooseRaven(OD): Mooze Jonez

PixelPaintbrush(OD): PixelPaintbrush

Kyberion(OD): Kyberion

GodlyPrometheus(OD): GodlyPrometheus

LokiPP(OD): SilEntLiNk

ragg3(OD): ragg3 swe OD

Over5core(OD): Over5Score

JupiterTank(OD): stp303

antao(OD): jimmy piz

Glecex(OD): TabularTulip148

Reapchee(OD): Reapchee

ChrisyP(OD): TheChrisyP

McKlubs(OD): Marcus 118

Lappan(OD): NicoLappan



Everyone post your Xbox gamertags here so we can all add each other. My gamertag is OHH SO NICE.



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Adding names

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Ayo JD123 is mine. 

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58 minutes ago, R.agnarok(OD) said:

I play on Steam, but my xbox gamer tag should be RagnarokOD .

You wish you could've been RagnarokOD 😉

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xbox name : xxmrsweirxx

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Xbox GT: Zakspeeeed

Steam Username: JKTwice

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I was chatting with @wendyclear(OD) last night and she was looking for xbox players!



Edited by Purplez(OD)

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