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Testing Secret Cow Level: Junk Place!

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With 50 hell cow runs by two weeks done steady from before/after work as weekends, I did found out some good stuff I needed to share. Cows are nerfed badly since a random patch. *Don't expect to have gear.

1-Cracked Gears!

*Unlocks for the mf!

2-Multiple low quality gear, but high enough to say I reached that to my game.exe

*Game.exe: Records your mf'ing. So, your runs.

3-With a high as strong game.exe

*It protects your systems in your computer of being hacked by the help of your anti-virus.

-Your fire-wall is a breach. We don't know who'se working for Blizzard Team Production.

-If they use the strong game.exe of theirs to have a compatibility for a breach before using their program versus yours, you might be in trouble.

**I beleive every level as normal, nightmare, and hell cow runs does an effect on vlld(1-9)/lld(10-30)/and such pvp rankson the gear you mf for your goods.**

My hell cow drops expanded the enhanced damage on my gear for claws, and rare bow(s). It was my expansion experience to knowledge more about classic d2..

-I did an expansion experience bcause enigma is better to test stuff with. more ease!

If I did a thread in classic, and making people crazy and confused, it was to test out something that is potentially great with a comparision.

I am a French Canadian from the Province of Québec. Loco on sides, and I do like to speak alone to make it happen. Hi Julie Sassy! Your a great Woman! Keeps the goods up! 😉 You finally know why I speak alone! Lmfao! I like to retract myself to keep scrolling with a plan.

***Why did I thought of that?***

-I've been setted-up into d2jsp.org by that way. They told I scammed in poker for 70,000 forum gold! Imagine! 70,000 forum gold! I had 5 video slots + an orb of 2,500fgs! It cost me time to get that fgs. And, I know the drill of getting scammed. It's part of d2 life for me. At least I found my first d2 clan to tell myself: I had to pay that much to get these peeps. When I was playing poker to a win-win option, I think my max count was 100fgs(hundred forum gold) maximum that I gambled. Plus, I had a clean 2k5 account. How sick!! There is a coencidence to one pvp'er while I was playing with the account of mine called ZeRoDante. My picture is still there showing me into an hospital parking. My mother took the picture and I had a bad shirt. She wanted to use her phone, lmao. To get back, I think it's about a stronger inherit*. An Inherit is a system defence controlled by a program from crackers to defend or attack in the situation going. 

The girl in question while I relate the story of grim spur boots and such crazy gear going out by the guy(H3MI@d2jsp.org) who just took advantage of a shared password pvp account got stolen for more than 70k fgs.

-I might have told something that ment to be in the story who knows. It wasn't me I swear to god! There might be a system proof that I wasn't gambling that day nor being online with my identity adress from my rooter. This story kills my lungs out. Help a brother.

-Clan OD was botting like crazy while I was a leacher in the non-stop runs day and night. And, the hell cow runs is a test to clean our channel from bad systems left aside by bots. Having a non-botter clan does a lacking point to an end! Keep the goods Up! It could be tomb hell runs to help by defending the hell cow runs for a better supported game.exe. 

Who Knows! 

Best Regards, Mytho(OD)!

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Gratz Mytho!  That's alot of cow killing.

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