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Introducing OverDosed Radio!

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I feel like this project has stagnated. Would be good as a podcast series though, like bi-weekly or monthly sort of deal. Something more to get the wider community involved and learning about each other.

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Slowly but shortly I’m in the process of reintroducing this back from former OD Members, such as SteveO, Negative, and others down the line & let’s just say I have a bunch of ideas to go with this

OH snap this sounds awesommmmeEeee!

You should make a News Post about this on the homepage of Overdosed.net since gamers are bad about coming to the forum, but might check the homepage out.

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I’m still up for it, and I pop in from time to time. I got about everything setup and can still start our radio station. I’ll give  a good test run, and see where this goes.   

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23 hours ago, BL4CKxCH4N(OD) said:

Just an idea but what if we had a podcast weekly for the clan on events present, past and future? Also any and all news on what is going on within the clan as a whole?

The meetings go over some of these. (Upcoming events and new developments in the clan).  So it might rehash a little.  Granted, it's another vector of conveying information, so it may be a tool to make certain topics salient.

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wait have yall done it yet? i have to leave for a bit but im back now! i remember all of us talking about this! let me know!!

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