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Indian Actor Fat To Fit

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That's pretty nuts. Looks like on month 5 he hopped on the gas (steroids) but that could just be my envy talking.


I'd have to cut out drinking if I wanted to get that lean lol. I should get my body fat % now and then check again end of summer...got me curious lol.


Good video @Hari(OD)

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22 hours ago, R.agnarok(OD) said:

Nice, I remember seeing a movie back when I joined OD with him as the protagonist, it's called Lagaan, pretty good movie everyone should watch.

Never except you watched Lagan. If you have time watch PK movie i bet you like it

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Hey @Hari(OD)

Just finished watching this PK movie. I can only say one thing. People definitely have God's wrong number haha.


Thank you for recommending me this little gem. Outstanding performance from Aamir Khan again, and the dialogues are presented in such a nice way to create a dilema over the most debated topic of all times. I honestly never expected to see an hindu movie express such strong ideals against religions in general. I'm not very religious myself, neither deny the possibility of the existence of a god, but one thing is for sure, none of the gods created by humans is the real one. They all have logical fallacies through their story telling. So, in short, be humble, be human, be honest, love and care. We are in a time where humanity really needs to restore their faith in values, rather than in a savior.


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